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Flotsam and Jetsam | All About That Bal

Oregon, Eugene

Stumbled upon this jewel of a video with a little play on words. Made by YouTuber, Carson Morton, and his description is, "My own humble parody of "All About That Bass", this one for all my Balboa dancing friends."

Ballroom Latin Swing - Dance Pizazz

Dance Pizazz is Growing & Looking for Experienced Teachers!

Missouri, Saint Peters

Dance Pizazz was founded over 8 years ago and is now the largest growing studio in the area. We are looking for a dance couple that wants to relocate and be part of a growing team. Our immediate need is for a couple but we will also entertain the idea of

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Nine Reasons a Guy Should Learn to Dance

Oregon, Eugene

In what universe would a guy want to dance? We're going to tell you because we believe dancing is on the path to happiness. Top ten reasons a guy should learn to dance.

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Ballroom Dancing and Your Career

Oregon, Eugene

Social Ballroom Dancer, Amy Rothenberg, applies principles she has learned from ballroom dancing, to her professional work as a naturopathic doctor.

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Bringing Baby to Your Adult Ballroom Dance Class

Oregon, Eugene

Dancing is an incredible way to share your worlds. This age is sweet and it is fleeting. Moment by moment the time with your child is precious and what could be more wonderful than this. We hope you dance as a family again, and again.

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How to Create the Perfect First Wedding Dance

Oregon, Eugene

One of the best ways to dance your special moment with confidence is to hire a great dance instructor who understands the two of you and what this moment means. Here are some tips to help you along.

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Ballroom Barks!

Oregon, Eugene

Ballroom Barks! is the brainchild of former world, national and ten dance champion Bonnie Diaz.

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Show Dance | Sexy Rhumba NSFW

Oregon, Eugene

Video of a sexy, show dance performed by Arsen Agamalyan and Oksana Vasilieva and dancing to Gardens of Delight by Vangelis. Check it's a great start to a Friday night.

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Mystery Novel Set in the Ballroom Dance World: The Ballroom Boondoggle

Oregon, Eugene

Love Ballroom Dancing? Love Mystery? If you love the drama that sometimes surrounds ballroom dancing, you might want to add a little mystery with this recently released book called, "The Ballroom Boondoggle." Read the synopsis...

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Karina Smirnoff's Book Now Available!

Oregon, Eugene

Karina Smirnoff's Book, "We're Just Not That Into You" is now available. A book by Dancing with the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff and her best friend and manager, Lindsay Rielly, chronicles her dating disasters.

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Cheryl Burke's New Activewear Fashion Line cee bee

Oregon, Eugene

Cheryl Burke's new clothing line cee bee is availalbe on QVC.

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Your First Dance Social: Welcome to the Jungle

Oregon, Eugene

The people I'd like to speak to are the ones who love dancing just as much, want to be just as good as anyone else. It's just that the thought 'putting yourself to the test' by taking it into a social environment is enough to make us curl up on the couch

Shall We Dance?

Looking for Energetic, Bright, Motivated Men and Women - Instructor Positions

Oklahoma, Norman

Dance and teaching experience are a bonus but not a requirement.

Arthur Murray Dance Center (Silver Spring)

Seeking Teachers For Our Studio

Maryland, Silver Spring

Our studio is currently seeking several experienced Teachers for our Studio, both full and part time positions available.

My Dance Story

Sarah Casner: Dancing Saved My Life

Oregon, Eugene

I have bad anxiety so I got teased and was always depressed. Without dancing I would be lost.

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Ryan Seacrest's 'Montecito' is a delicious taste of Ballroom Drama

Oregon, Eugene

Big congratulations to the hard working dance teachers of our industry who made it to the screen in the newly released, six-episode docu-drama, titled 'Montecito', produced by Ryan Seacrest!

Elite Dance International Studio & Apparel

Next Step

South Carolina, Mount Pleasant

Russian-born instructor who lives for ballroom teaches dancing skills to students of all ages

Got2Lindy Dance Studios

Swing Dance: Best For Body, Mind & Soul

New York, Kingston

Swing dancing is not only an outstanding opportunity to get your body moving, your heart pumping and your mind engaged, it's also a lot of fun. As a partner dance, it allows you to connect with others in ways that freestyle dancing never could. Best of

Ballroom Dance Teachers College

Do Dance Teachers Need to Plan their Lessons?

California, Oakland AND San Francisco

There are many reasons for ballroom dance teachers to create lesson plans for both their private lessons and group classes. Find out from Diane Jarmolow, one of the best teachers in the business!

Recent Request & Activity

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Opportunity to meet people. I am interested in Latin/salsa dancing

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On Sunday, Linda Requested
Dance Lessons in Fort Wayne

Opportunity to meet people. I am interested in Latin/salsa dancing

Dance Lesson Interests: Latin, Looking for a New Hobby, Meet New People, Social Dance, Beginner, Dance Lessons, Group Class, Adult


On Friday, Tamilselvi Requested
Dance Lessons in Clinton

Adult dance in Clinton, Iowa. Love to dance.. Make friends.. Have experience in classical dance.

Dance Lesson Interests: Ballroom, Latin, Meet New People, Social Dance, Beginner, Dance Lessons, Group Class, Parties, Open Group, Adult


On Wednesday, Kael Requested
Dance Lessons in Wichita

I feel that dancing is a skill every gentleman should have and I'm currently lacking in that department. The general style I'm looking for would likely be something more formal, black-tie, but I would defer to an expert opinion.

Dance Lesson Interests: Ballroom, Looking for a New Hobby, Meet New People, Beginner, Dance Lessons, Adult, Senior


On Tuesday, Paige Requested
Dance Lessons in Cleveland

I'm looking for something fun to do

Dance Lesson Interests: Looking for a New Hobby, Getting Fit & Healthy, Meet New People, Beginner, Private Lessons, Practice Dances, Individual, Young Adult


On Wednesday, Maureen Requested
Dance Lessons in Brighton

Dancing lessons, fun. Over 50, haven't done much dancing in 32 years. I miss it.

Dance Lesson Interests: Ballroom, Swing, Waltz, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Polka, Meet New People, Social Dance, Beginner, Dance Lessons, Individual, Open Group, Adult, Senior


On Tuesday, Katie Requested
Dance Lessons in Aiken

I am looking for group lessons that are forgiving of a busy family and work schedule. Dance is something I have desperately wanted to learn for years but most of my local schools appear to more of the formal ballroom variety. I am looking for something, ANYTHING fun, upbeat and .....

Dance Lesson Interests: Latin, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Shag, Bachata, Looking for a New Hobby, Meet New People, Social Dance, Inspired by Pop Culture, Beginner, Dance Lessons, Group Class, Open Group, Adult


On Monday, Aimee lee Requested
Dance Lessons in Jacksonville

Dance lesson.

Dance Lesson Interests: Ballroom, Rumba, Looking for a New Hobby, Meet New People, Social Dance, Beginner, Dance Lessons, Group Class, Adult


On Saturday, Mary Requested
Dance Lessons in Guthrie

Country Western, Salsa group lessons. For new hobby fitness and meet new people No experience once a week

Dance Lesson Interests: Salsa, Looking for a New Hobby, Getting Fit & Healthy, Meet New People, Social Dance


On Sunday, Carolyn Requested
Dance Lessons in Quinton

Adult dance classes

Dance Lesson Interests: Ballroom, Any Dancing, Waltz, Tango, Meet New People, Social Dance, Beginner, Dance Lessons


On Tuesday, Diane Requested
Dance Lessons in Berlin

Couple and line county dance and a couple ballroom

Dance Lesson Interests: Ballroom, Getting Fit & Healthy, Meet New People, Beginner, Private Lessons, Couple, Adult