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Own a Piece of Dancing LIFE

Partner dancing photos from the from the LIFE archive of iconic photographs.

Added to AccessDance National : Tuesday, Mar 01 2016

Bachata Defined


Added to AccessDance National : Sunday, Jan 01 2012 -The AccessDance Network

Ballroom Barks!

Ballroom Barks! is the brainchild of former world, national and ten dance champion Bonnie Diaz.

Added to AccessDance National : Tuesday, Apr 21 2015

Bringing Baby to Your Adult Ballroom Dance Class

Dancing is an incredible way to share your worlds. This age is sweet and it is fleeting. Moment by moment the time with your child is precious and what could be more wonderful than this. We hope you dance as a family again, and again.

Added to AccessDance National : Thursday, Apr 14 2016

Your First Dance Social: Welcome to the Jungle

The people I'd like to speak to are the ones who love dancing just as much, want to be just as good as anyone else. It's just that the thought 'putting yourself to the test' by taking it into a social environment is enough to make us curl up on the couch

Added to AccessDance National : Wednesday, Jan 28 2015

How to Create the Perfect First Wedding Dance

One of the best ways to dance your special moment with confidence is to hire a great dance instructor who understands the two of you and what this moment means. Here are some tips to help you along.

Added to AccessDance National : Thursday, Apr 07 2016

Nine Reasons a Guy Should Learn to Dance

In what universe would a guy want to dance? We're going to tell you because we believe dancing is on the path to happiness. Top ten reasons a guy should learn to dance.

Added to AccessDance National : Tuesday, Aug 23 2016

Ballroom Dancing and Your Career

Social Ballroom Dancer, Amy Rothenberg, applies principles she has learned from ballroom dancing, to her professional work as a naturopathic doctor.

Added to AccessDance National : Monday, Aug 01 2016

Show Dance | Sexy Rhumba NSFW

Video of a sexy, show dance performed by Arsen Agamalyan and Oksana Vasilieva and dancing to Gardens of Delight by Vangelis. Check it's a great start to a Friday night.

Added to AccessDance National : Friday, Mar 06 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam | All About That Bal

Stumbled upon this jewel of a video with a little play on words. Made by YouTuber, Carson Morton, and his description is, "My own humble parody of "All About That Bass", this one for all my Balboa dancing friends."

Added to AccessDance National : Thursday, May 10 2018

Mystery Novel Set in the Ballroom Dance World: The Ballroom Boondoggle

Love Ballroom Dancing? Love Mystery? If you love the drama that sometimes surrounds ballroom dancing, you might want to add a little mystery with this recently released book called, "The Ballroom Boondoggle." Read the synopsis...

Added to AccessDance National : Wednesday, Feb 18 2015

Karina Smirnoff's Book Now Available!

Karina Smirnoff's Book, "We're Just Not That Into You" is now available. A book by Dancing with the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff and her best friend and manager, Lindsay Rielly, chronicles her dating disasters.

Added to AccessDance National : Wednesday, Feb 11 2015

Cheryl Burke's New Activewear Fashion Line cee bee

Cheryl Burke's new clothing line cee bee is availalbe on QVC.

Added to AccessDance National : Tuesday, Feb 10 2015

Ryan Seacrest's 'Montecito' is a delicious taste of Ballroom Drama

Big congratulations to the hard working dance teachers of our industry who made it to the screen in the newly released, six-episode docu-drama, titled 'Montecito', produced by Ryan Seacrest!

Added to AccessDance National : Friday, May 16 2014

Gregory West, Canton, GA passed away Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

We are very saddened to inform the network of the passing of our Member, Gregory West. He will be missed.

Added to AccessDance National : Wednesday, Feb 01 2012

DanceSport on Lifetime TV

Monaco 10-Dance Championships

Added to AccessDance National : Wednesday, May 02 2001