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Our dance programs follow a structured approach but are tailored to your specific tastes in dancing. Each program is a great way to continue to improve your dancing skillls after your complete our introductory package.

INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL We currently are running an introductory special. Normally it is $340.00 but at present there is a 50% discount.

GENERAL VARIETY The General Variety Program is the blueprint for the impatient dancer. It develops free movement around the floor, gives more variety, and adds a little technique and footwork. It is your first introduction to basic styling. The General Variety Program is a four-dance plan that is very popular with those who want to go to the floor and dance this Friday night!

BRONZE The Bronze Standard is the most popular standard because it results in good all-round, comfortable dancing. You feel at ease on the dance floor with any partner. Bronze dancers look forward to musical changes because they can dance proficiently to a variety of music and have a sufficient knowledge of patterns at their disposal. The Bronze Standard is a very desirable dancing goal to attain.

SILVER The Silver Dancer has an accomplished look and stands out on the dance floor. Once the knowledge is acquired at this level, it is easily maintained. The Silver Standard Program gives you additional variety, continuity, style and polish. It represents the completion of the majority of the social dance elements and introduces flowing movement through style and continuity, which greatly adds to the grace and smoothness of more advanced dancing. Silver dancers move competently and easily on a crowded dance floor even with less skilled partners. It can help you acquire a deeply satisfying sense of accomplishment and self-improvement. Instruction in stylish silver dancing can help you to be more self-assured socially and can bring much happiness and pleasure for the rest of your life.

GOLD Gold dancers express themselves with graceful continuity of movement. A gold dance holds his or her partner's interest through the use of musical rhythm just as one holds another's interest in good conversation through proper use of the spoken word. The Gold Standard Program focuses on a a skillful and perfected performance. 225-346-8232
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