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  • "One of Life's Precious Moments" A Father Dancing with His Daughter at her Wedding

    Being the Father of the Bride is a very precious honor and a proud moment in the grand scheme of life..... so take your dancing to a level of pride and confidence. Learn how to dance long before the wedding! Do it for her and do it for yourself... Cal

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  • What Happens at StaverDanceSport?

    Check out StaverDanceSport! A Professional Dance School, featuring professional, Certified Teachers registered with the National Dance Council of America. Our ONLY job is to teach you how to dance, and WE LOVE OUR JOB! Contact us to find out which class

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Friday Nov 15 7:00 pm
Ballroom Sampler 1B

Tuesday Nov 19 7:00 pm
Fox Trot 3 (Silver)

Monday Nov 18 7:00 pm
Waltz 1

Tuesday Nov 19 8:00 pm
Fox Trot 1

Wednesday Dec 04 7:00 pm
Silver Rumba Review

Monday Dec 09 7:00 pm
Waltz 1

Tuesday Dec 10 7:00 pm
Fox Trot 3 (Silver)

Friday Jan 10 7:00 pm
Ballroom Sampler 1B

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Past Popular Events


There are no recent announcements at this time. Check out the AccessDance Dance News for Eugene, Oregon

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