Melva Smith (Freelance Writer)

Melva Gail Smith is a disabled dance enthusiast from Louisville, KY who enjoys promoting the health and social benefits of both dancesport and linedancesport through her writings. Melva has written for USA Dance, as well as various online magazines; and is the inspiration of dance choreographer Ira Weisburd's Breathe Freely Campaign for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness.


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Taking Salsa Dancing to the Next Level

The benefits of Salsa dancing are endless, and include such things as freedom of expression, a stress free environment, and meeting new people.

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Knights of Columbus Tea Dance Offers a Relaxing Afternoon to The Sounds of a Big Band

The tea dance got its name from an afternoon social gathering where tea and snacks where served. First held as a form of entertainment where single women and men gathered to meet to engage in conversation and dance, dances where often held on a waxed stif

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Teaching Respect and Confidence Through Ballroom Dance

The dance is the tool for getting children to break down social barriers, learn about honor and respect, treat others carefully, improve self-confidence, communicate and cooperate and accept others even if they are different.

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New Competition Gives Serious Dancers The Opportunity to Dance Upon A Dream

Do you have a hot dance routine that deserves to be seen by some of the top talent scouts in the world? Dance Upon A Dream seeks to find the best of the best dancers by collecting videos from around the world of solo dancers, performing couples and groups

Added to AccessDance National : Tuesday, Oct 23 2012 -Melva Gail Smith

Reflections On a Lifetime: Giving Back to the Community Through the Gift of Dance

From her enthusiastic style to her smile and charming wit, Mary knows how to draw in a crowd; and has entertained groups of all ages to the song "Rocky Top," which is an all time clogging favorite. Now batteling Cancer, Mary's still proudly displays in he

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Tips On Staying Off Your Partners Toes

So you finally caught that pair of dance shoes you have been wanting on sale, and now are wondering how long it will be before they get scuffed. Some of us have a pair of prized shoes sitting in the closet that seldom are worn for this very reason.

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USA Dance Chapters Participate in Olympic Day 2012

On June 23, 2012, the residents of Orlando, Florida were invited to enjoy a special Olympic Day Celebration by USA Dance Chapter #6002. Starting with an introduction by Chase Smith who represented Orange County Mayor Theresa Jacobs; it was an evening th

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Dancing While Pregnant

Starting a family can often put a temporary halt to a person's career and entertainment. While the dancer is no exception, some mother's to be have actually continued to not only dance, but to teach well into their pregnancy.

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If you have difficulty remembering the sequence of dance steps and counting, you may suffer from a condition known as Dyscalculia.

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LineDanceSport. Taking A Step Beyond Social Dance.

Until recently, linedancing has been thought of as mostly a social activity taught in churches, clubs and a few dance schools. But for some students, it's steps and patterns have led to an interest in Ballroom dancing; making it much easier for them to le

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Keeping In Shape Through Zumba

I magine arriving at a fitness facility where you are about to teach an aerobics class, only to find that you have forgotten all the dance music.

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