2014 Top Teachers, Students & Studios

Top Awards for the 2014 United States Dance Championships

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Originally Published: Tuesday, Sep 23 2014
By American Ballroom Company



Top American Style Bronze Student

Top Gentleman: Kent Doughty [Learn To Dance Houston]

Top Lady: Linda Gill [FADS - Fort Lauderdale (M]

Top American Style Silver Student

Top Gentleman: Bruce Fine [Siva Dance]

Top Lady: Sharree Hannah [Champion Dancesport]

Top American Style Gold Student

Top Gentleman: Don Jaffe [Eastern Ballroom Alliance]

Top Lady: Mary Lou Fine [Siva Dance]

Top International Bronze Student

Top Gentleman: Michael Sibley [VIP Dance Ballroom Academy]

Top Lady: Sharon Weich [FADS - Boca Raton]

Top International Silver Student

Top Gentleman: Ram Viswanathan

Top Lady: Elaine Madonna [FADS - Boca Raton]

Top International Gold Student

Top Gentleman: Don Jaffe [Eastern Ballroom Alliance]

Top Lady: Estefania Papadpulos [FADS - The Woodlands]

Top Overall Amateur Couple

Bruce & Mary Lou Fine [Siva Dance ]


U.S. RhythmTop Teachers

10th $ 400.00 Ruslan Meshkov [FADS - Fort Lauderdale]

9th $ 600.00 Michael Neil [Neil, Michael]

8th $ 800.00 Ronald Guillen

7th $ 1,000.00 A.J. Molter [FADS - Boca Raton]

6th $ 1,200.00 Forrest Vance [Champion Dancesport]

5th $ 1,500.00 Vladimir Kosarev [FADS - Coral Gables]

4th $ 2,000.00 Eddie Rivera [Dance It Studio]

3rd $ 2,500.00 Melbin De La Cruz [Dance With Melbin]

2nd $ 3,000.00 Aaron DeSoto [FADS - Buffalo Grove]

1st $ 5,000.00 Sinisa Vasic [Siva Dance]

U.S. Smooth Top Teachers

10th $ 400.00 Tony Scheppler [Starz Scheppler Ballroom]

9th $ 600.00 Clive Phillips [Phillips, Clive]

8th $ 800.00 Enzo Minieri [Academy of Social Dance]

7th $ 1,000.00 Eddie Rivera [Dance It Studio]

6th $ 1,200.00 A.J. Molter [FADS - Boca Raton]

5th $ 1,500.00 Mikolay Czarnecki

4th $ 2,000.00 Robert Nardozza [Colorado Dancesport]

3rd $ 2,500.00 Rauno Ilo [Starlite Ballroom ]

2nd $ 3,000.00 Chris Germain [FADS - Buffalo Grove]

1st $ 5,000.00 Sinisa Vasic [Siva Dance]

U.S. Latin Top Teachers

10th $ 400.00 Mikolay Czarnecki

9th $ 600.00 Pavel Cherdantsau

8th $ 600.00 Lyubomir Asenov [Asenov, Lyubomir]

7th $ 1,000.00 Enzo Minieri [Academy of Social Dance]

6th $ 1,200.00 Eric Dehant [FADS - Boca Raton]

5th $ 1,500.00 Kosta Trifunovic [Dance With Me Soho]

4th $ 2,000.00 Rauno Ilo [Starlite Ballroom ]

3rd $ 2,500.00 A.J. Molter [FADS - Boca Raton]

2nd $ 2,000.00 Andre Paramonov

1st $ 5,000.00 Sinisa Vasic [Siva Dance]

U.S. International Ballroom Top Teachers

10th $ 400.00 Pavel Cherdantsau

9th $ 600.00 Clive Phillips [Phillips, Clive]

8th $ 800.00 Eric Dehant [FADS - Boca Raton]

7th $ 1,000.00 Ruslan Meshkov [FADS - Fort Lauderdale]

6th $ 1,200.00 Irina Gorolevici [Eastern Ballroom Alliance]

5th $ 1,200.00 Artem Plakhotnyi [Imperial Ballroom Dance Centre]

4th $ 2,000.00 A.J. Molter [FADS - Boca Raton]

3rd $ 1,200.00 Martin Reinbold

2nd $ 3,000.00 Rauno Ilo [Starlite Ballroom]

1st $ 5,000.00 Sinisa Vasic [Siva Dance]

U.S. All-Around Top Teacher Awards

3rd $5,000 A.J. Molter [FADS - Boca Raton]

2nd $8,000 Rauno Ilo [Starlite Ballroom]

1st $15,000 Sinisa Vasic [Siva Dance]

Top Studio Awards

Top Small Studio (1 to 3 competing students)

$300 Fred Astaire Dance Studio - Boca Raton, FL

Top Medium Studio (4 to 6 competing students)

$500 Fred Astaire Dance Studio - Buffalo Grove, IL

Top Large Studio (7 or more competing students)

$1,000 Siva Dance, Arlington, VA

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