DWTS Wk 6 & Updates for GCS & Relay for Life

Gladys Knight went home, Gulf Coast Stars was bigger than ever and Karen Humphrey reached her personal goal in the Relay for Life Cancer Research fundraiser

Date added to ADN: Tuesday, May 01 2012
Originally Published: Tuesday, May 01 2012
By Phillip Stephens

Updates for Gulf Coast Stars and Relay for Life

Report on Week 6 of Dancing With The Stars

Gulf Coast Stars

Our April 28, Gulf Coast Stars was a big hit with the local dance community. We got underway at a little before 11:00AM and worked steadily throughout the day. Our distinguished panel of judges - Milana Pliner, Alice Harrison and Ronnie Leverett - were kept busy marking their placements for the sometimes quite full heats. Once again, Patrick Walsh was our very able Master of Ceremonies who managed to keep things moving right along and as on schedule as possible. Michael Schedler provided very nice selections of music for the event. While all the dancing was quite interesting, there were a few solos and formations that brought something extra to the day. We were also treated to seeing Guennadi Iakounine perform beautifully with his students in the International Standard division. Laura Balmaceda of Affinity Ballroom was a true workhorse in that she danced a very large number of both American Rhythm and American Smooth entries with her students. We appreciate that King's Dancing Centre participated and want to extend special thanks to Katia and Cristiano of Dance With Stars and Jessica Cavali and Michael Blanco for providing such a strong International Latin field. We would also like to thank Ms Sharon Shelton Pease for her generosity in sponsoring the American Smooth, American Rhythm and International Standard Scholarships and Ms Pamela Parker for sponsoring the Under 18 International Latin Scholarships. A lot of people have asked if we'd consider holding this event two or more times per year; we are giving that thought strong consideration and will look toward the latter part of September for possible "GCS Event 2" dates.

Relay for Life

Every year, Karen Humphrey makes a heroic effort to raise money for cancer research. She sets a personal goal and is also part of a team that sets an overall goal. Their efforts culminate in the Relay for Life where the fundraisers take turns walking around a school's track all night long to rack up miles for which their supporters donate funds. Karen, who was on a team named Mammas in Pajamas, exceeded her personal goal of $3,000 in large part due to generosity from many people at The Dance Place. Her team exceeded its goal, too, and Karen and all the other Mammas in Pajamas thank each and every contributor for making this year's relay such a big success.

Dancing With The Stars

Season 14, Week 6, 4/24/2012

This critique is provided by Championship Adjudicator and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Fellow and Examiner Phillip Stephens. Direct any comments or inquiries to philtex44@aol.com

Wow – Martha Reeves was stuffed into that dress so tightly I wondered how she took in enough air to sing! Brooke gets two thumbs up for tonight’s hair-do. Some interesting costumes tonight - and all the dancers are fully clothed.

Gladys Knight & Tristan McMannis – Rumba

That first singer in the temptations sure looked like he’d given in a time or two more than necessary. Gladys did a good job with this dance. Her footwork was mostly good but her legs could have been straighter. Her arms could have been more definite in their placements – they did look a little “forgotten” at times.

Len – Feels Gladys is the most charismatic dancer; Bruno – Noted her star quality, but thought she left a bit to be desired in the Rumba; Carrie Ann – Liked it, but noted the mistakes. 7+7+7 = 21

Maria Menounos & Derek Hough – Foxtrot

Martha Reeves, like so many of the stars from days gone by, can no longer sing. For me, the wailing Martha provided was a super distraction and greatly spoiled my enjoyment of Maria’s Foxtrot. She made some good lines, but never quite got her head in the right position on poses. Movement and footwork seemed OK, but there was nothing truly “moving” about that performance.

Bruno – Sophisticated and elegant and rave, rave, rave; Carrie Ann – Excellent, but shoulders came up; Len – A joy to his eyes and&##0133;listening to Martha was a joy to his ears?? (Well his ears are plugged up with wax and he’s half blind, ya know?) 8+9+9 = 26

Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower – Rumba

He sure looked like a gangly newborn foal trying to do some of those moves in rehearsal. Roshon was much calmer in many of his moves than in previous performances. His legs, hips and feet were not always as strong as is desirable, but he certainly had intensity in this routine and a slightly undeveloped sensuality. Quite nice overall.

Carrie Ann – Thought movements were a bit over exaggerated; Len – Thought it was clipped and jerky; Bruno – Thinks he makes up in fire what he lacks in size, but needs more fluidity. (Chelsie needed to keep quiet. Her comments didn’t help.) 7+8+8 = 23

Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas – Samba

Mark is a little over the top tonight. I like his style, but he didn’t bring that same action out in Katherine except in her one side-by-side spot. Of course, I still think she did a great job of controlling her body. She made many very tough moves look as if she’d been doing them for years. I am so impressed with her natural look on the floor and this routine spotlighted her overall talent and ability. Very nice!

Len – Thought she really delivered the goods; Bruno – Thought it was a great marriage of Brazil and Funky Town; Carrie Ann – Thought it was amazing. 10+9+10 = 29

Donald Driver & Peta Mergatroid – Foxtrot

Donald is so obsessed with getting high scores that he tries too hard. I’m not lovin’ Donald’s posture or movement this week, but he does have a good sense of timing that brings a certain quality to the dance. They almost lost it in the one layover line. This Foxtrot was OK, but I don’t think it’ll get the marks Donald wants.

Bruno – Thinks his performances get better and better? Carrie Ann – Raved and said nothing; Len – Thought he exploded on the dance floor and that he has lots of talent. (I’m just not seein’ Len’s perspective at all.) 9+9+9 = 27

Melissa Gilbert & Maks Chmerkovskii – Viennese Waltz

Maks cussing and carrying on was a bit much. Poor ol’ Smokey has been tightened up a notch too much if ya ask me. Melissa did a nice job with this routine. She was very expressive and more lyrical than I’ve seen her to date. Her movements could have been a little softer in the rise and fall department, but this is a tough dance in which to make the leg action look soft enough.

Carrie Ann – Feels Melissa’s hard work is paying off; Len – Thought she did very well, especially liked the rotation; Bruno – Going in the right direction. (Is it just me, or does this dress truly not flatter Melissa’s waist?) 8+8+8 = 24. Another scoring that didn’t match the rave commentary.

Jaleel White & Kym Johnson – Cha Cha

Well, I can find little about this routine that recommends it for anything except obscurity. Jaleel had really awkward looking legs and he jerked Kym from place to place and his footwork was not pleasing. He did put a LOT of energy into the performance and he did a good job of selling it, but, from a rhythmic and technical standpoint, it just lacked a lot for me.

Len – Too much sugar coating; Bruno – Way over the top with raving; Carrie Ann – Also raved too much. 10+9+10 = 29, and there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that Jaleel’s performance was on par with Katherine’s.

William Levy & Cheryl Burke – Rumba

This was certainly a better outfit for Cheryl than some others she’s worn. William was definitely slow and controlled in most of this routine. His timing was good and he looked at ease. His solo breaks were very rhythmic and well danced. The lay-out line was nicely done and I liked all of it except for the rather pointless and superfluous ending, which didn’t do much for me.

Bruno – Said too much of nothing; Carrie Ann – Thought there were moments when more dancing was needed; Len – Too raunchy and lacking in true hip action. (I think Len was a bit harsh.) 9+8+10 = 27

Not sure I agree with all the placings for that Cha Cha marathon, but I figure the goal is to put the couples neck to neck so that the audience will vote, vote, vote.

Results Show – 4/25/12

Jaleel ahead of William on the leader board? What are they playing at?

Jaleel and Kym safe and Maria and Derek in jeopardy? What ARE they playing at?

I was very moved by Mikail’s story and her triumph over adversity to become a dancer of such obvious talent, but it is a shame they had her dance to such an uninspiring singer. Well, I am just not all that in touch with the performers they choose for this show – everybody seems to like them except me.

Macy’s Stars of Dance was &##0133;different? Appealing in a rather fractured sort of manner. I really enjoyed some of the actions, but had trouble following a theme through the dance.

Gladys and Roshon in a Jive duel? If SHE gets saved, I’ll know the show is just like my dog: fixed.

Gladys, Roshon, Roshon. I think they just HAD to give Gladys one vote.

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