Fear, Doubt, and the Mastery of Both

Here's a little truth for you, fear and doubt have often removed our ability to access to some of our favorite things in life. In our approach, we wish to identify that which has stopped us from doing the things we wish we could do, and mastering it. Taki

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Originally Published: Wednesday, Jul 08 2020
By Joshua McCracken


Master your fear, and gain confidence through Ballroom Dance Lessons

There are many different people with many different reasons to begin taking Ballroom Dance Lessons. The initial decision to undertake something like social dancing can be a little intimidating. After all, social dancing is a social grace, requiring some degree of confidence and personality. Which brings us to our first motivating factor for taking dance lessons: building confidence.

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not the absence of fear." - Mark Twain

For a variety of reasons, some people feel they lack enough confidence in social settings to initiate conversations, introduce themselves to new people or, especially, ask someone to dance. While asking someone to dance or introducing themselves might not seem like a big deal to some, for others it can be quite challenging due to a seemingly insurmountable mountain of self-doubt and fear. Once someone begins to take ballroom dance lessons, establishing some self-confidence is often the first phase of learning. Through the introduction of basic and easy steps, the basic dance hold, and relating these to music and basic rhythm, we can begin building a solid foundation for gaining confidence while in social settings of all types.

It isn't always the need to build self-confidence driving people to take dance lessons. For a variety of other reasons, couples come to us seeking to build a better relationship with their spouse or significant other. Perhaps it's because the kids have moved out of the house and they're going through a little bit of empty-nest syndrome. For our single and recently divorced parents, the need to be social and interact with others is strong, and they might feel the need to build that confidence in themselves again. We hear from parents all the time about how their kids have gone on to college or their respective careers, and now without the daily grind of tending to the kids' needs, there is a sense of emptiness in the house and their daily lives. Taking up ballroom dance lessons is a perfect environment for couples, and singles alike, to get close to someone else or one another, establish a regular social engagement or "date night," and re-learn how to work together toward a common goal.

Ballroom dancing presents an opportunity to gain social confidence, both individually and as a partner.

The same holds true for our younger couples on their way to getting married. Likely, there are no children yet, they're still building their educations...their careers, and have yet to truly learn what it's like to be married and share in the joys and struggles which are certain to come. Building a foundation of team-work and partnering is essential to the success of any relationship, particularly marriage. Ballroom dance lessons can build a sense of trust in one another early-on in a budding relationship, ensuring each individual learns to be accountable and responsible for their role on the dance floor. If that doesn't perfectly translate to life, then I don't know what does!

The relationship is only as strong as the individuals within it. How many of us have been in relationships in which you were the strength...the weakness? Until we grow into our own capacity for strength and accountability, all while accepting and nurturing that of another, we are setting ourselves up for relationship failure. This holds true in marriage, business, friendships, and the dance floor. When we each bring our own strength & accountability to the table, the power of the union is much stronger and can weather any storm. While this can be translated nicely to a dance partnership, we mustn't forget these lessons for our daily lives as human beings.

So let me be clear, ladies and gentlemen. We aren't just teaching dance lessons here. We're healing and helping people to master fear and self-doubt. We're helping couples and individuals to live better lives.

About the Author:

Still in the middle of what is to be a lifetime of Ballroom Dancing, Joshua began dancing at the age of 6 years old in Indianapolis and competed as a Junior for 5 years, winning a Junior National Championship at the age of 9. He resumed competing, teaching and coaching at the age of 23, and now continues to share with others the theory, philosophy, and wondrous grace Ballroom Dancing brings to people's lives. Many of these writings are from his studio Blog page, so you can read them there as well. And if you would, do get up and dance when given the chance.

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