The Dance of Love

Your wedding is one of the most important days that you and your beloved will spend together. All of your hard work and planning come together in a magical experience for your new family and friends to enjoy.

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By Mike Yevin


Your wedding is one of the most important days that you and your beloved will spend together. All of your hard work and planning come together in a magical experience for your new family and friends to enjoy. For some couples, the most memorable moment will come from sharing the dance floor with your significant other for the first dance as a married couple. At first, the idea of dancing together in the spotlight can be scary, but remember that you have many options when getting ready for the big day and what's most important is to have fun!

PREPARATION: Another important thing to remember when it comes to your first dance is preparation. Unless you are both professional dancers, you'll want to plan ahead for proper dance instruction. It doesn't need to be a yearlong ordeal, but expect at least three months, if not more, of lessons to adequately train you. This will give you enough time in case classes are missed or you are struggling to learn the moves, plus it will cut down on any stress or anxiety you may have regarding the dance itself.

STYLE OF LESSONS & CHOICE OF SONG: When planning the lessons, you'll want to not only think about what style of dance you two would like to perform but also what song you would like to dance to. The classic first dance choice is the waltz, but don't let that guide your decision! If you feel like spicing things up, then you could very easily go with the tango, fox trot, or even rumba; there are many different styles of dances to choose from.

As far as music goes, there are many popular songs you could choose to have playing during the first dance. Keep in mind, when choosing the song you should find something with a steady beat throughout and keep the length of the song to a reasonable limit. It is better to have two and a half minutes of great dancing, than five minutes of so-so dancing; don't overwhelm yourselves (or your guests J). If you are wanting to have a specially choreographed performance, be sure to find an instructor that will be able to adequately plan out your routine. However don't feel like this is a necessity; sometimes all you will need is some help getting down the steps.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE: While taking your lessons it is necessary to continue practicing even after your scheduled time with the instructor. Practice makes perfect, and your first dance is definitely no exception to this rule. When practicing, you'll want to make sure that this is done in an area that is roughly the same size and shape as the dance floor at the reception. This will allow you to plan out how you will come onto and leave the dance floor as well as practicing how you will both need to move throughout your routine. From the minute you step onto the dance floor all of the crowd will be watching you and your partner, so make sure everything is planned out.

DANCING WITH YOUR PARENTS: If you choose, you may also have the parents dance with the bride and groom, and this will normally take place after the first dance. Either way, after you two have finished your dance, make sure your guests know that it is time for them to get out onto the dance floor and have some fun!

While the planning of your wedding day can be a bit hectic and stressful, everything will come together on the big day and you will be thankful that you put all the time and effort into it. Remember, this is your day to shine and have fun, so don't ever think you can over prepared for the occasion.

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