Ryan Seacrest's 'Montecito' is a delicious taste of Ballroom Drama

Big congratulations to the hard working dance teachers of our industry who made it to the screen in the newly released, six-episode docu-drama, titled 'Montecito', produced by Ryan Seacrest!

Date added to ADN: Friday, May 16 2014
Originally Published: Friday, May 16 2014
By AccessDance


Big "shout out" to all the hard working dance teachers in our industry who made it to the screen in the newly released 'Montecito', produced by Ryan Seacrest!

This ballroom "docu-drama" has all the glitter, glamour and cat-fighting necessary to satisfy the appetite of the millions of fans surely to come.

Watch all 6 episodes today on the A & E website!

The cast of dance instructors include:

  • David Alvarez - Santa Barbara Dance Center
  • Jonathan Curtis - Red Hot Ballroom
  • Rumen Atanasov
  • Bonnie Bayard
  • Jaime Bayard
  • Ray Crutcher

The cast of five local women include:

  • Mary Anne Contreras
  • Erika Wilson
  • Arlene Montesano
  • Patty Connors
  • Aubree Conners

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