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Our Job is to teach you how to dance!
We love our Job.......

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Originally Published: Wednesday, May 04 2022
By Linda


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Our Job is to teach you how to dance!
and We love our Job.......

In our efforts to continue to provide a continuing dance education for our students, StaverDanceSport is offering "Private Lessons" AND "Group Lessons".  If you would like to schedule a Private lesson with either Ed or Linda, please email or call to make an appointment.  (541-517-7792)


We are truly concerned about the health, welfare, and safety of all of our students, as well as having those same concerns for ourselves.   We totally respect your choice to do what is best for you, so Masks are optional.  Also note, the Studio does not require proof of Vaccination.   Please Know that we emphatically wish you only the best for your health and happiness.  You have probably heard us say many times that “We Love our Job”, and we want you to know that “We Love our Students, too!”

StaverdanceSport is always striving to provide the best ballroom dance education and experience possible for you. If you have any "requests" or suggestions that you would like us to consider, please feel free to contact me.

Best Wishes and Happy Dancing,

Linda Staver
Director - Oregon Ballroom Dance Instructors College
Pro Am Teacher
Certified Ballroom Dance Teacher
NDCA Certified Adjudicator -Retired
The Staver Dance Company LLC/StaverDanceSport
41 East 6th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401
541-746-6268  personal cell 541-517-7792

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