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Date added to ADN: Sunday, Oct 14 2018
Originally Published: Sunday, Oct 14 2018
By Linda Staver

Looking for Activities for your Kids that have lifetime benefits?
Get Registered for FALL Term Ballroom Dance Classes Now!

StaverDanceSport conducts classes for kids in all types of ballroom dance. Kids Program classes include:
*Field Trips to the Studio for your school
*Ballroom for Kids (Elementary through Middle School)
*Ballroom for Teens (High School)
*Performance Team Classes (Elementary through High School)

Dance education provides more than just technical dance skill development. Benefits that are acquired through structured dance training carry over into so many other areas of activities, whether its personal social, or sports related and these benefits can last a lifetime.
Through consistant dance training students can develop better posture, coordination, balance, endurance, grace, poise, timing and rhythm, self confidence, discipline of body and mind, self esteem, socialization and teamwork skills. 

Through ballroom dance classes at StaverDanceSport, children learn to treat one another with respect, they are exposed to art and culture in a fresh and exciting way, and they discover a new way to stay fit and healthy.

For more information about Field Trips and Kids Dance Classes, Call us at (541) 746-6268



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