Why invest in wedding dance lessons

Date added to ADN: Saturday, Jun 23 2018
By Susan Palmer


Why invest in dance lessons?

            With many couples, the wedding dance may be the first time both the bride and the groom will “perform” in front of other people, and so both must be prepared. In order to really showcase this moment, wedding couples should look polished and confident and should be able to do more than just sway back and forth on the dance floor.

Almost every couple can benefit from professional dance lessons.  Working with a professional helps to create the dance they both have envisioned and takes the stress out of having to decide what to do themselves.  Professional dance instructors can evaluate what type of dance works best with their musical selection and can help each couple understand the basics of leading and following so the dance goes smoothly. In addition, an instructor will create a customized dance that matches their personalities and the mood or theme of their reception. Plus, through dance lessons, couples will learn a life skill that they will use again and again throughout their married life!

Things to consider:

Timing--- Most couples need between three and five months to learn and be comfortable with their wedding dance, especially if they have never danced together before.  Dancing is like learning a new sport, your body needs time to become accustomed to the new moves it will be learning. No one can learn to be a great golfer or tennis player in just one day. Likewise, no couple can learn to dance flawlessly in just one lesson. Most couples find that the time they spend dancing together really helps them strengthen their bond as a couple and reduces the stress of planning their wedding overall.

Lessons can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour long and are usually held once per week. Your instructor will evaluate the couple to see their skill level of in terms of movement and rhythm and will recommend an estimate as to how many lessons they will need to achieve their goal. 

Cost—Cost of dance lessons is variable between each studio. Cost is usually determined by the experience an instructor has and whether or not the instructor is certified. In fact, some of the top instructors in large cities can charge $110 for 45 minutes of their services! More typically though, lessons will range from about $60- $100 per hour.

Many studios offer packages that include private and group lessons as well as practice parties. Make sure the package you buy contains services you will use. Group lessons are great if you would like your entire wedding party to attend, but are not the best setting to learn your first dance.

Choreography or Dance steps?—Since many wedding couples are new to partner dancing, a choreography, which is a set of steps done in the same order every time, is usually the easiest way to teach a new couple. Then all they have to do is memorize the order and go with it.  A choreography makes it easy for them to look really good in a short amount of time because they are just going through the motions that they have been trained to do.

It is a rare beginner couple that can just take random steps that they have learned and string them together to make a nice, smooth dance. It takes most people a year of lessons and lots of practice to master the skills needed to be able to accomplish that. They need to be able to effectively lead and follow, navigate the available floor space and have great body awareness to be able to pull that off.

Fun—Wedding couples don’t need more stress before their wedding day. Most of all, they should have fun and enjoy all the great memories they’ll make learning to dance! They should remember that no matter what, no one else knows what their dance is supposed to look like. If they deviate from their choreography, no one will know as long as they keep moving and keep smiling.

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