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Stanley Mc Calla is a Ballroom professional dancer, teacher and coach whose goal is to help enhance people lives through teaching them good fun and quality ballroom dancing.

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By Stanley Mc Calla


Learning to ballroom dance changed my life, and I'm sure it would enhance your lifestyle as well.

After a few months of taking ballroom dancing, your friends or coworkers will start seeing a change in you… improved confidence, better posture and poise. At work, due to that new found coordination, confidence and your enhanced body language, your coworkers and boss will find you much more impressive when you deliver your next presentation.

All in all, you manage your stress better, you smile more and you feel happier.

Yes, and your boss will be happier too because you produce more!

The Best Exercise

Ballroom dancing is considered by the medical profession one of the best exercise that you can do. In fact did you know that three minutes of dancing a fast cha-cha-cha equates jogging one mile? Also, dance is the only form of exercise associated with a lower risk of dementia. (New England Journal of Medicine, June 19, 2003 Vol. 348 No. 25.)

Dancing is a low aerobic activity so you won't hurt your knees.

Dancing increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight. One of my students who is taking lessons every week was told by her doctor that her blood pressure has amazingly dropped to normal since she started dancing.

Another one of my students who is a retired professor at New York University reported that her doctor is very surprised that she had gained ½ an inch in height since she started dancing. You should see her … dancing has really made a difference in her posture.

Spice up your relationship

Over the years, I have observed so many wonderful happenings through ballroom dancing. Steve .W walked to the Studio one day and wanted information about ballroom dancing. I noticed that he was shy. I suggested to him just jokingly that he would be in great demand with the ladies after a few month of learning how to dance.

Well truth be told, that's exactly what happened. The guy had lost his shyness after a few months; he was dancing up a storm and was booming with confidence.

I have being to three weddings resulted from students meeting at my studio.

We get a lot of couples who come to learn their first dance at the Studio and one of the suggestions that I give them is to make a date at least one day a week to come for a dance lesson, and then go to a nice restaurant afterward. Often, not only they take that suggestion but they take it a step further and end up in a dance club. The point is Dancing is a vehicle that helps build strong relationships.

Stanley Mc Calla is a US National Ballroom Dance Champion who currently co-owns the Fred Astaire Dance studio of Mamaroneck with another Champion Dancer Kateryna Angelone.

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Stanley Mc Calla is a Fred Astaire National Champion; a United States 10 dances, Latin and Standard Champion. Stanley is also a National Adjudicator and well known thought after Coach.

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