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2016 Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships - Open Pro Int'l Latin 1st Round, Dance Ons & Finals

Date added to ADN: Wednesday, Feb 08 2017
Originally Published: Wednesday, Feb 08 2017
By Tina L


2016 Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships - Open Pro Int'l Latin 1st Round, Dance Ons & Finals

Watch the 2016 Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships Professional International Latin Dancers in their 1st Round, the Final Dance Ons & Final Round.
1 Nikolay Voronovich with Maria Nikolishina [Dance Street - Voronovich]
2 Andrey Tarasov with Yulia Kuznetsova [Tarasov, Andrey]
3 Mykhailo Bilopukhov with Anastasia Shchypilina [Vivo Dancesport Center]
4 Dmitry Nikishkin with Olena-Nikishkin Shvets [Brooklyn Dancesport Club]
5 Artur Tarnavskyy with Anastasia Danilova [Brooklyn Dancesport Club]
6 Francesco Bertini with Sabrina Manzi [Vivo Dancesport Center]

QUARTERFINAL Aleksei Alekseev with Ekaterina Derevleva [Atlantic Ballroom]
QUARTERFINAL Felipe Edmiston with Daninka Divljak [Charlotte Ballroom ]
QUARTERFINAL Ilie Bardahan with Bella Gubzheva [Ilie Bardahan]
QUARTERFINAL Jake Davies with Alyona . [JA Dance]
QUARTERFINAL Kirill Nikitin with Jenya Kanchukova [Club One Studio - Kanchukova]
QUARTERFINAL Maksim Kapitannokov with Natalia Fridmanovich [The Ballroom World of Dance]
QUARTERFINAL Oleksandr Kozhukhar with Oleksandra Kharchenko [KS Dance Studio]
QUARTERFINAL Rangel Spirov with Veronika Chernyavska [RVTO Dance]
QUARTERFINAL Sergiy Samchynskyy with Yuliya Besarab [Academy Ballroom - Samchynskyy]
QUARTERFINAL Simeon Stoynov with Kora Stoynovia [Aria Ballroom]
QUARTERFINAL Vasily Anokhin with Kristina Andrasenko [Anokhin, Vasily]
QUARTERFINAL Vukosavljevic Aleksandar with Jess Li [Manhattan Ballroom - Aleksandar]
ROUND 1 Aleksandr Skarlato with Loreta Krisksciukaltyte [Skarlato, Aleksandr]
ROUND 1 Israel Pena with Lisa Holt [Power House of Dance]
ROUND 1 Janos Aladic with Yana Aladic [Dance Studios Dubai]
ROUND 1 Oleksii Lytvyn with Carly Lytvyn [Imperial Ballroom Dance Center]
ROUND 1 Stefan Golubovic with Joanna Meller [Golubovic & Meller]
ROUND 1 Stefan Virlan with Alessia Minaeva [Virlan, Stefan]
ROUND 1 Umario Diallo with Natalya Zrazhevskaya [Umario Diallo]
ROUND 1 Werner Figar with Shimkiri . [Jersey City Ballroom]
SEMIFINAL Andrey Voloshko with Kateryna Kyrylenko [Fullerton Dancesport Center]
SEMIFINAL Ilya Maletin with Polina Maier [Maletin, Ilya]
SEMIFINAL Roman Italyankin with Alexandra Bokova [Roma Dance Studio]
SEMIFINAL Sasha Altukhov with Cheyenne Murillo [Strictly Ballroom]
SEMIFINAL Sergiy Kvashyn with Olga Ginzburg [Champion Ballroom - Ginzburg]
SEMIFINAL Tykhon Zhyvkov with Anastasiia Kuzieva [FADS - Redondo Beach]

Save the date for next year - May 2 - 7, 2017

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