Five Questions with Oleg Suvorov: Dancer Enjoys Teaching People of All Ages

A quick look at how Dance All You Can - a ballroom dance studio - got started, and getting to know the owners.

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Originally Published: Thursday, Oct 31 2013
By Eva Kilgore

Oleg Suvorov began dancing at the age of 7 in St. Petersburg, Russia. His wife, Tatiana Pavlova, started dancing as a child, too. The two won many dance championships, and in 1991, Suvorov defected to the United States.

Tatiana arrived here in 1996, using a green card she earned based on her dancing abilities. The two opened Dance All You Can in Fountain Valley a short time later. We wanted to find out more.

1. Q. Why did you open Dance All You Can?
A. We opened our doors to turn people's dream of dancing into a reality.

Dancing is universal. Our clientel is cast and all-inclusive, randing in ages from 5 to 85. We not only teach our students to dance, but also provide a wonder place for them to dance.

2. Q. What is a typical day like for you?
A. Lessons begin at around 10 a.m. and continue until kids' group classes start in the late afternoon. Private lessons are again resumed until adult group classes are held in the evenings. Finally, we will teach another private lesson or host some type of social event or party.

3. Q. What do you like about what you do?
A. It is a very empowering feeling to be able to turn someone's bad day into their best with a great dance lesson. We have some students who have been around for more than 10 years.

I know that teaching is one of the very few professions where you can impact someone's life. It's a great joy to me.

4. Q. Are there any challenges?
A. It can be very challenging when someone's mind isn't open. It's also sometimes difficult to im- part the skill of hearing and expressing a beat to someone who lacks rhythm.

Our most common challenge comes up when students expect results without any practice. But we see how hard some of our students work to get better.

5. Q. Do you have any special success stories?
A. A common scene we observe is a man being brought in or dragged into the studio by his fiancée. He enjoys himself so much that he ends up being the dancer of the family.

My wife and I still dance together, too. And that's a success story.

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