2018 Winners

Congratulations to all!

Date added to ADN: Wednesday, Nov 28 2018
Originally Published: Sunday, Nov 25 2018
By Gitte Svendsen Organizer


2018 Results Now Available

Congratulations to all Winners. Listed below are the results of the Top Teachers, Top Studio,

Top Overall Students and top 20 Dancesport Series Winners.


  • 1st -  Pavlo Barsuk, pavlobarsukdance

  • 2nd - Tom Hicks, Independent

  • 3rd - Sam Enriquez, Diva Dance LA

  • 4th - Alla Novikova, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom

  • 5th - Nivel Clarke, Santa Barbara Dance Center

  • 6th - Alexander Novikov, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom

  • 7th - Dragan Strukelj, FADS West Side

  • 8th - David Vanderzell, The Artivan

  • 9th - Anton Grigorgev, FADS West Side

  • 10th-Mireille Gineste, Independent

TOP STUDIO: Pavlobarsukdance



  • Tom Vanderlaan, Studio M

  • Kim Manocherian, FADS West Side


  • Tom Vanderlaan, Studio M

  • Kim Manocherian, FADS West Side


  • Steve Myers, Independent

  • Esperanza Chavez, Pavlobarsukdance


  • Sal Rodriguez, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom

  • Esperanza Chavez, Pavlobarsukdance

Top Overall Gentleman: Sal Rodriguez, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom

Top Overall Lady: Esperanza Chavez, Pavlobarsukdance

Top Overall Students Superbowl:

  • Esperanza Chavez, Pavlobarsukdance

  • Kim Manocherian, FADS West Side

  • Thelma Z. Korpman, The Artivan

  • Neerja Saxena, Diva Dance LA

  • Sal Rodriguez, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom

  • Amanda Valeur, FADS West Side

  • May Gritz, Tom Hicks, Independent

  • Steven Myers, Independent

  • Tom Vanderlaan, Studio M

  • A. Gilbert-Hamerling, Herzog Dance Studios

  • Jon Ericksen, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom

  • Olga Slater, Surry Hills Dance Centre

  • Joe Boise, Independent

  • Josie Lee, Astoria Ballroom

  • Cynthia Thacker, Santa Barbara Dance Center

  • Soo Kim, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom

  • Malette Lampino,  Tom Hicks, Independent

  • Laura Sirott, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom

  • Maureen McMorrow, Diva Dance LA

  • Jeremy Veal, You Can Dance


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