Tips for your wedding dance

Tips for the perfect wedding dance!

Date added to ADN: Sunday, May 19 2013
Originally Published: Sunday, May 19 2013
By Coral Abel


Tips for the perfect wedding dance:

1. Make it personal! Find a song that represents you as the wonderful couple you are!
2. Practice in the shoes or a pair of similar shoes that you are planning to wear on your big day.
3. Take your dress into consideration for your first dance. Being able to move in your dream gown is important.
4. If you are having an outdoor wedding, have a portable dance floor for you and your guest to dance the night away.
5. Be comfortable..even if your first dance is just swaying to the music, or you have a carefully choreographed routine, your level of ease will make your wedding photos fantastic!
6. Still need help?? Enlist the help of a dance pro! Take advantage of group dance classes or private lessons!

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