March Second Saturday Social

March Second Saturday Social

Date added to ADN: Wed, February 28, 2018
Originally Published: Wed, February 28, 2018
by Phillip Stephens (About the Author)


On behalf of USA Dance Houston, Chapter 5003, I'd like to invite everyone in the greater Houston area to join us on March 10 for our Second Saturday Social.

Held at DanceSport Club, 11758 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77031, there is a FREE pre-dance class from 7:30-8:30pm and general dancing from 8:30-11:00pm

The March class will be on Swing / Jive taught by Andi Koenigsberger.

The decoration at right was created by our Chapter Secretary, Phyllis Baker. She's done such a great job with all of our decorations so far this year - yay!

We want to be able to provide services for the community. This includes Outreach Performances, Grants and Scholarships. We need to raise money for all those things. For March, we thought of "selling" the decorations so that you could both help out the chapter's fundraising efforts and get a neat decoration for your St Patrick's Day party!

We ask a minimum of $10 for the decorations. You can, of course, donate more money per decoration. It's tax deductible, so we hope you'll be generous and help us out

Thanks in advance,

USA Dance Houston Board of Directors

About the Author:
President, USA Dance Houston - Chapter 5003

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