February 10 Second Saturday Dance

February 10 Second Saturday Dance

Date added to ADN: Sun, February 11, 2018
Originally Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
by Phillip Stephens (About the Author)


Our 2nd Second Saturday Dance of 2018 was held on February 10. Phyllis Baker did a superb job of creating decorations that enhanced our Dancing Hearts Valentine theme. She is very appreciative of all the folk who helped her decorate and un-decorate the ballroom for the dance. We also want to let all our volunteers know how much we appreciate your stepping up to the plate to help - especially with clean up once the dance is over.

Michael Schedler created another group of CDs for the dance and an associated playlist. The music was well-received and folk were out on the floor constantly. A couple of people left the dance early, telling Michael that the music was so good they had completely worn themselves out dancing to it.

Rob Timmermans taught a nice workshop on the European Foxtrot, which is very similar to Quickstep, but which is at a more "manageable" speed.

In March, we'll have a Jive / Swing class taught by Andi Koenigsberger, who will also provide a performance later during the dance.

80 or so people attended the dance, including several college students. Board member Tin Pham-Tran and a group of college students went to the Southeastern DanceSport Championships held in Birmingham, Alabama, during the weekend of February 2nd. Some of the competitors were at the dance Saturday. Houston USA Dance provided the group with $890 in Scholarship funds to help offset the cost of their trip and to pay for their competition registration fees. We hope to have a full report on the outcome of their endeavors soon, and plan on having members of the group perform at one or more of our upcoming dances.

Houston USA Dance, Chapter 5003 is a non-profit organization for both Amateur and Professional dancers that is a totally volunteer organization. Your support helps us be an integral part of the Houston Dance Community. We hope to fund scholarships and grants for area dancers. Your tax-deductible donations to the chapter will help us get dance programs for children, youth and adults underway. We would really appreciate your financial assistance. Please send your donations payable to and mailed to Houston USA Dance, Chapter 5003, C/O 5718 Brock Street, Houston, TX 77023.

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