Super Second Saturday - 1/13/18

Super Second Saturday - 1/13/18

Date added to ADN: Sun, January 14, 2018
Originally Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
by Phillip Stephens (About the Author)

The 2018 - 2019 Board's first Second Saturday dance at DanceSport Club on 1/13/18 was well received.

Chapter Secretary Phyllis Baker organized our simple but very effective decorations which elegantly created our Winter Wonderland theme. Curtis Prevost taught a terrific Social Waltz class before our dance started. Director at Large Joe Cox and President Phillip Stephens greeted guests as they came into the regstration area. Versie Cuthbert and Past President Yvonne Kubicek - overseen by Treasurer Michael Schedler - staffed the registration table.

Rob Timmermans, Sandra Haudek and Chapter Vice President JudiAnn Calrsson presented us with a lovely video which played throughout the evening. The video showed scenes from the winter ball held in Vienna, Austria, each year. This one featured Rob and Sandra dancing and participating in the general facilities. Rob and Sandra were also on hand to give details on how people can participate in this event in the future. This year, David and Karen Humphrey will join Rob and Sandra for the event. We wish them well as they all leave Houston on Wednesday, January 10.

Michael Schedler assembled a tremendous selection of music on CDs which were played for our dance. He also created a playlist for each table in the ballroom so everyone could have advance notice of what dances would be coming up as the evening moved forward. We were happy to receive "rave" reviews about the choices of music as well as the accompanying playlist.

Membership Coordinater Jeanne Ma was at the dance with several friends. Jeanne also created our flyer advertising our February dance, which will take place on February 10. Youth Coordinator Tin Pham-Tran was on hand to assist the college students to make sure they had a good time with their "newer" dance skills.

Altogether, 88 people attended the dance. We had 5 people join USA Dance Saturday night, along with 4 people who renewed their membership. We hope to grow the chapter throughout the year. Your support means so much in that effort. Your ideas for dance themes and other activities will be given serious consideration, so let us hear from you!

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