News and Notes April 2017

News and Notes April 2017

Date added to ADN: Mon, August 28, 2017
Originally Published: Mon, August 28, 2017

News & Notes June 28, 2017

from the Cape Cod Ballroom Dancers' Board Meeting

The CCBD Board has decided to keep its members informed of the ideas that are generated at our meetings. We plan to send "News & Notes" after all our board meetings.

  • Dee Soares, President of the RI chapter of USA dance would like to involve the local chapters in planning a gala to be held at Twin Rivers in Lincoln RI. The event would be held either in the evening on Saturday, October 14, or the afternoon on Sunday, October 15. Board members will attend the planning meeting and keep you posted.
  • Hyannis is having "Open Street" on Sunday, September 17 and October 22 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are considering setting up a booth similar to the EXPO for the October 22 date. We thought we might play music and invite passersby to join us on the dance floor.
  • CCBD has donated $1,000 to Betsy's ballroom for improvements. As you may have noticed, the room has been painted, and the floor has been refinished. Plans are in place to add window treatments and replace the chairs. Come see the changes for yourself!
  • We will be changing our scheduled dances in 2018. We will be holding all our dances--including 8 Casual Dances and 4 Theme dances--on the third Saturday of every month in 2018.
  • We are thinking about holding monthly Beginner Lessons and Practice Sessions the Friday before our Saturday Casual Dances. We are looking for volunteers to assist the instructor by dancing with beginners We are considering offering new members of the dance community who are attending the Friday practice session for the first time a free pass to the Casual Dance held the following evening. The passes would be limited to one per person.
  • We have made changes to Sponsorship benefits. Previously, a sponsorship from a couple entitled both of them to the same sponsorship benefits. However, we realized that a single sponsor would only receive half the benefits of a couple sponsorship. A couple will now be considered a "sponsor and a guest" and we will extend the benefits to a single sponsor to include a guest pass for the events included in that level of sponsorship.
    • $150 Gold Sponsors and a guest would receive all three September Workshops and a chit for a Theme Dance and 4 Casual Dances.
    • $75 Silver Sponsors and a guest would receive all three September workshops and a chit for 2 Casual Dances.
    • $50 Bronze Sponsors and a guest would receive all three September workshops and a chit for 1 Casual Dance.
    • Current Sponsors will be given the option of renewing with the previous benefits or the new sponsorship benefits.

We will send more details as they become available.

See you on the dance floor!

CCBD Board

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