Reflections of Kindness and Joy

Reflections of Kindness and Joy

Date added to ADN: Sat, May 13, 2017
Originally Published: Sat, May 13, 2017
by Donald Paine

Reflections of Kindness and Joy by Donald Paine

Throughout the dancing room

There was joy in full bloom.

While feet anf bodies moved

Gracefully and gladly attuned

At the center of this dancing joy

Stood a short couple, tall in heart

Their gracious teaching a part

Oof all who danced hearts of joy

Once young and full of life & dance

They beamed to see their reflection

Students come to show appreciation

This admiration happened, not by chance

Radiant and reflective is the dance of joy

It filled the room, as in their hearts blossomed

Amazing and awesome is the fruit of joy

Of life and love: the dancer of in all adored.

There is an endless dance of life

It is seen in an internal dancing part

It is visible in the eternal dance of heart

It is not taught but lived into every life.

So here is the lesson of life we all

With one voice say thank you to you

I​t is to keep dancing in your heart

Even when your body falls apart!

The forever dance of the hearts

The rhythm of life, you taught well

It is the round dance of heaven

Thank you, our hearts do tell

The tale of two: one a teacher

The other a reflective modeler

So when the choice is "sit out or dance"

See the choice, take the chance and dance

Thank you

Esther and Irving

50 years of dance an eternity of joy

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