Southwest Florida is Awarded National USA Dance Chapter of the Year 2016

Southwest Florida is Awarded National USA Dance Chapter of the Year 2016

Date added to ADN: Tue, May 02, 2017
Originally Published: Tue, May 02, 2017
by Donald Davenport (About the Author)

USA Dance Chapter 6049 is honored to receive the annual award from our National headquarters! There are nearlt 160 active chapters of USA Dance in America, which makes this award very meaningful. Starting in January of 2016, a relatively new board of directors laid down a platform for success hoping to become a model chapter for USA Dance within two years. A review of chapter priorities and other publications in the USA Dance Documents library, gave us the guidence to envision just what was needed. Already in place in two locations were "Beginner Ballroom Dance Lessons" as well as a monthly Social Dance program. Also in place was a program working with the Cape Coral "Special Populations" Community.

While this more than filled the bill for what a successful chapter might do, it was decided to take ballroom dancing to the underserved areas of the Southwest Florida Communities. With dancers in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Chalotte Harbor, as well as the Estero area in southern Lee County needing more opportunities, the "Satellite Locations" program recommended by USA Dance was established. Within one year, membership growth indicated an increase of over 60%. New dancers started showing up at our monthly dances and while most new dancers still seem reluctant to come to our social dances, they are coming into the chapter hosted lessons. There are now 4 locations providing beginner/intermediate lessons to our surrounding communities, one location providing continuous weekly workshops for our more advanced dancers called "Repertoire Team Training" another location that provides similiar training on an annual basis for prepare for "International FLASH MOB"

An affiliation was formed with the local chapter of the Junior Cotillion, providing training to this group which has proven very popular. The chapter hosted it's 1st Showcase with it's own "Dancing Stars" featured both amateur couples and Teacher/Student partners from chapter affiliated studios.

We are proud to be honored with this National Award and we will not accept this as being the best we can be! EACH YEAR GETS BETTER as we continue "Dancing for America"!

About the Author:
President of Chapter 6049, also District 9 (State of Florida) Director.

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