December Presidential Ponderings

December Presidential Ponderings

Date added to ADN: Thu, April 20, 2017
Originally Published: Fri, December 20, 2013
by Richard Ciaravino

December Presidential Ponderings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:

I would like to start by saying THANK YOU to those dancers that brought treats to the December dance. We had lots of good food (most of it was eaten). I would also like to thank those who stayed to help clean up after the dance. Thank you also to Angela Markle for teaching a great Waltz routine.

Many of you have already filled out our survey, and some of you have indicated you would be willing to help at the dances. These surveys are anonymous, so if you would like to help, let myself or one of the other board members know. If you have not yet filled out our chapter survey please do, your input will help us to improve your dances. You can use this link to get to the survey

And talking about the survey, we have noticed a big concern with the music being played. Many responded saying they would like to hear more contemporary music. Some have even suggested songs which will be incorporated. But let me say that putting music together is not easy. When we first took over the music, we deleted duplicate songs and then categorized them according to the dance type which took about 2 months to do. We then have been trying to see which of the 1400+ songs in the computer were ones our dancers liked/disliked. I guess this may have been an error as so many of the survey comments were disapproving of the music.

We have added several new songs from today's artists. We have been playing songs by Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Kenny Chesney and a few others. We are trying to make more of an effort to increase newer songs and are willing to use your requests. Requested songs are played every month, but if we don't have the correct name/artist/version you request, it makes it hard to play them. Speaking of which, would the person who suggested the Jack Henson music contact us as we are unable to find it.

Don't give up on us! We hear your concerns and are making changes to the best of our ability. Others have helped with the music, so it is not 1 person's decision on what has been played. Also, please know that we review the playlist comments and many times there are songs that some dancers will list as a 1(poor) and some list as 5(great) for the same song. We will never be able to please everyone for every song. There are many dance levels we need to address as well as dance styles and taste in music, but we will try our best. Again, thank you for your input!

January 10th is our next dance it will be held at St. Brigid's school in Midland. The lesson will be The Rumba taught by Angela Markle. Lesson starts at 7:00 with open dancing to follow.

See you in 2014,


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