November 2014 Presidential Ponderings

November 2014 Presidential Ponderings

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Originally Published: Mon, December 01, 2014

November 2014 Presidential Ponderings

Hello Dancers,

Brrr... are you glad you don't live in Buffalo? Looks like winter has arrived.

I would like to thank all of you who brought snacks to share with your fellow dancers for the November dance. We would also like to thank Rick Popp for the beginner Waltz lesson. There were several first time attendees at the dance, and we hope you had fun and will come to our next dance.

The election for new chapter board members was held at the November dance and as expected the four (4) members on the ballot were elected. The new board will consist of Lorrie Ito, Liane Rittmaier, Peter Scharkow and Aaron Templeton. Now if we wish for our dances to continue they will need everyones help. It will be difficult at best for them to organize, set-up and clean-up for each dance. USA Dance National organization states we should have no less than seven (7)board members and recommend nine (9). If you are at all interested in becoming a board member or helping in any way please contact one of the newly elected board members. Remember this is a volunteer organization; no volunteers - no dances.

The December dance will be our Holiday Celebration. Carla Nemeth will be our guest instructor coaching us in the Foxtrot. Carla will also be providing us with refreshments, so they should be good!

Because this is Michigan and sometimes the weather may not always be the best, be sure to check our website, to see if we have to cancel a dance.


PS: Look for a short USA Dance video (Autumn Serenade Ball) on MCTV starting in a couple of weeks.

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