President's Message 2017/02

President's Message 2017/02

Date added to ADN: Sun, March 05, 2017
Originally Published: Fri, February 03, 2017

USA Dance Chapter #2102 - Rocky Top TN

Chapter News

Greeting fellow dancers!

It's official. The groundhog saw his shadow and they say we are in for more winter. Let's just hope that it is a mild winter and if we do have to get snow and ice, that those come on a week day and not on our dance night! Perhaps our dancing groundhogs will inspire you to come out of your winter hibernation and come to our next dance!

When we last spoke, we were getting ready for our "Ignite the Night" Dance in January. Alas, Old Man Winter paid us a visit and brought icy roads and low temperatures. We didn't want to, but out of an abundance of caution, we played it safe and cancelled the January dance. That makes two years in a row. We've decided to call the January 2018 dance "Snow Day".

The theme for the February dance is Valentine's Day! The dance will be held the second Sunday, February 12th, 2017 at the Flynn Dance Center on Tulip Street in Knoxville. The group class will start at 6pm and will be on bolero. Come find our why some call bolero "The Cuban dance of love".

Competition Corner - Starting today, 3rd-5th of February, The Southeastern DanceSport Championships - also a 2017 NQE - will be held in Birmingham, AL. We wish all the competitors on Team Rocky Top safe travels and good luck on those dance heats! Finally, the Mid-Atlantic Championships - also a 2017 NQE - will be held 17-19th of February in Bethesda, MD. If you have ever wondered about competing, be sure to talk to Dr Phil, our DJ and head of the Competition Committee.

Membership renewals. USA Dance memberships last for one year. Your renewal date will depend upon the type of membership. Competitive Dancer memberships expire on December 31st. All other memberships run for one year and renew on the date you joined. Remember - members get a $3 discount on the entry fee to our dances. Plus you get a subscription to the American Dancer magazine.

Thank you Mark! - For the past year, Mark McGuire served both as a board member and as the publicity committee chair. We deeply appreciate the commitment and time Mark has given to the organization in these two positions. Mark and I spent several evenings communicating on creating the graphics for our Facebook page and website. His creativity will be greatly missed.

Call for volunteers! Chapter #2102 - Rocky Top TN - is a non-profit organization and exists because of volunteers that give a little bit of time each month because they love to dance and they want others to enjoy dancing too. The amount of time can be as little or as much as you want. Here are just a few of the volunteer positions:
Board Member - we're looking for another board member to fill Mark's vacancy. You'll meet with other members once per month by phone to oversee and guide the activities of the chapter.
Membership - manages the activities to recruit and retain the chapter membership.
Publicity - promotes the chapter dances and events with the local media.
Hospitality - manages activities pertaining to the monthly dances.
Dance helpers - help at the dance - at the sign-in station, with after dance cleanup, or being a dance-host.

Don't forget to follow us on our Facebook Page. When you are in Facebook just search for "USA Dance Chapter 2102 Rocky Top TN"

Our website can be found at -

Remember - this is your organization. If you have a suggestion, please tell us. Help us make this one of the best chapters in the USA. Invite your friends. Come out and have a good time. Dance!

See you on the dance floor!


Information on our next dance...

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