USA Dance Rockford Celebrates it's 20 year anniversary

USA Dance Rockford Celebrates it's 20 year anniversary

Date added to ADN: Wed, September 21, 2016
Originally Published: Wed, September 21, 2016
by Lisa Kehoe (About the Author)

The Northern Illinois Chapter of USA Dance holds its 4th Saturday Dance monthly. This particular month we will be celebrating our 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our USA Dance chapter. Wow, what an awesome accomplishment for us. Come celebrate with us by having a professional dance lesson with a couple that competes. Then, watch them perform for us, Dancing With The Starts Style! They will be dancing just a few feet from you! It will be better than DWTS.

About our Instructors/Entertainers (taken from their website

Mazen Hamza~

Mazen was born in Lebanon. He moved to America at the age of 4. He has spent few years of his life near Chicago, but he grew up in Dallas, TX, where he began his dancing journey in the collegiate ballroom dance team at the UT Austin. He freely admits that the main reason for signing up were the girls…

Mazen has graduated with a degree in English. He has always been fascinated by world issues and loves spending his time reading.

For over 20 years he has been one of the few athletes in the industry, who lead a vegetarian lifestyle.

It has been over 20 years since he has began dancing. His dance background consists of American Smooth, International Standard and International Latin.

Mazen has been a finalist in the Professional American Smooth for 13 years in a row with 4 different partners. An achievement known to be accomplished by few, respectfully portraying his devotion to the style and his abilities.

His best and most rewarding achievement was winning the World Professional Smooth Showdance competition in 2007.

Mazen's competitive students are recognized for their style and skill at a variety of dance events around the country, frequently placing in the the top of the final.

His love for the industry and American Smooth itself left a mark in the history of development of this style. The unique style of dance he presented has influenced this division, and his longevity in this style has made him one of the icons of the American Smooth.

Izabella Jundzill~

Her first dance steps Izabella took at the age of 6 in her home country of Poland. During her dancing career in Poland Izabella won many prestigious competitions in the International Latin and International Standard.

In 2004 Izabella moved to U.S. through the Rotary Club Student Exchange Program. Under the sponsorship of Rotary Club she attended the last year of High School and graduated with flying colors. She then continued her education at the Otterbein University in Columbus, OH. In 2009 she graduated with Honors as the highest ranking International Student and received a degree in the Communications Department, majoring in Public Relations and Broadcasting.

While attending university Izabella began her professional career in the Intl. Latin. She won numerous Showdance competitions as well as participated as Open International Latin finalist in many competitions in the US.

In 2006 Izabella demonstrated for Jerry Springer and Kym Johnson, from "Dancing With The Stars", in their instructional dance video.

In 2008 she was the official coach for the Ohio State University Ballroom Dance Team.

In 2010 Izabella was the official coach for the University of Delaware Ballroom Dance Team.

In 2010 Izabella has been featured as one of the dance experts in the book "The Ballroom Dance Coach" by Jessika Ferm. The book is available for purchase at

Izabella has been the face of Jan Tana Inc. (the official tanning lotion for Dancing With The Stars) as well as SUKI Skin Care. She has also modeled for paintings of internationally renowned artist Terry Rodgers.

We are having some special refreshments and some anniversary decorations. This would be a great time to wear you dressiest outfit (if you'd like). Dress code is always the same (office casual) but dressing like a star is fun!

About the Author:
Lisa Kehoe has served on the board of USA Dance Rockford since 2005.

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