New Member Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

New Member Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Date added to ADN: Mon, August 24, 2015
Originally Published: Mon, August 24, 2015
by Connie Vance

Frequently asked questions

Q What is the benefit of becoming a Ballroom Dance Club member?
A Reduced rates for all parties, workshops, and classes above the beginner level.

Q What is the process for becoming a new member?
A Fill out a one page application and turn it in at any party or class along with the fee. The application is available at the club or we will be glad to send you one.

Q What is the fee for becoming a new member?
A The BDC cost for a year is $45 and is prorated after the first four months. There is a chart on the application for this amount. There is also a fee of $35 to be a USA Dance member. Both are

Q When will my annual fees become due again?
A All BDC membership fees expire May 31 of each year. The USA Dance membership fees are due on your anniversary date.

Q How do I get my USA Dance card?
A Go to, click on Membership, then Join/Renew, then Renew/Change (Yes, even though you just want to print the membership card). Either sign in if you've already registered, or register to get access even though it says "Join Now." Once you're in and see your name, underneath it says "View/Print My Membership Card." They are no longer sending plastic membership cards. If you are unable to print your card, you can contact them and they'll send a paper copy just like you can get online.

Q What is the benefit of having a USA Dance card?
A If you go to another USA Dance Chapter nationwide, you can use the card to get a reduced rate. There are also many company specific discounts available to USA Dance members.

Q If I include my email, will it be shared with anyone?
A No, your email address is only used to send club newsletters and updated information.

Membership renewal

All BDC memberships expire May 31 and can be renewed anytime until July 1 without having to pay the guest price. For now, the price is still $45 for the first four months, and then it is prorated.
• If you are a current member, your party price will be $10 in June.
• If you have not renewed your membership by July 1, your party price will be $15 until you renew.
• If you decide it is better for you to remain a guest, we welcome you as always. The more the merrier!
BDC is a long-time member of USA Dance and they require that all of our members also be a member of their organization. Their fee is minimal ($25 a year) and includes a monthly dance magazine and a reduced entry at all USA affiliated dances
around the US.
USA dues should be paid on your anniversary date when they bill you, but if yours is due now, we will be happy to submit that for you.

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