Private Dance Lessons for Dating!

Private Dance Lessons for Dating!

Date added to ADN: Thu, October 23, 2014
Originally Published: Wed, November 05, 2014

Learn to dance for your Date! Bring your Date to a Dance lesson with Shannon !

On a private lesson with a single, the instructor ( Hitch) you will get honest and straight forward critiques with a touch of humor, we will laugh together!

On a date lesson, the instructor (Cupid) will try to help you both to get along and will focus on all of the positives,
trying to make you both look and feel good!

If you are a total non-dancer, dancefloor avoider, or a really bad dancer, come see me!
Private Lessons in Freestyle club dancing, slowdancing for weddings or parties, Blues, Swing & Salsa, Top 40, House Music, Hip-Hop !

Would you like to dance with women?
: Priceless strategies, tactics and manuevers given to help you with subjects like
" How to get all of the ladies to dance closer to you at the clubs"
" How to get one lady to dance closer to you " "How to be the perfect date at a wedding" "How to get a lasting dance partner"
"Preparing for your Wedding Dancing" " How to keep a lasting dance partner happy"
"Excercises and Stretches to keep you in Shape" " The Father-Daughter Dance"

Would you like to dance with men?
: Priceless strategies, tactics and manuevers given to help you with subjects like
"Learning to dance for me first, being the best I can be" "Confidence is sexy"
"Finding and keeping a dance partner" "Social dancing for Dating"
" How to Follow" "How to appear to be following while still leading"

"How to get what you want on the dancefloor"

Your instructor will provide you with the personalized attention you need.

Private dance lessons offer much more gain in a comparable period of time than any other type.

If you have a date this weekend, call now! If you haven't had a date in to long, call now!

Shannon Knauss 206-618-9624

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