Ballroom Dance School helping the Southern Arizona Diaper Bank

Ballroom Dance School helping the Southern Arizona Diaper Bank

Date added to ADN: Tue, September 16, 2014
Originally Published: Fri, May 02, 2014
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On behalf of the infants, seniors and the disabled who require diapers or incontinence supplies, the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona thanks, Stacey Newman of the Ballroom Dance School for her and her company's generous monetary and dance educational donations to support the fundraising event, "Dancing with Our Stars 2014."

Ballroom Dance School donated $700 of dance education to one of the competitors of this event. Stacey, the owner, personally trained him to compete in a performance that contributed to raise a record breaking amount of funds. She, as her business, also donated $2,100 worth of dance experiences to the silent auction, including a dance lessons with a professional dancer from the TV Show, Dancing with the Stars. The proceeds of this event will now help to provide 800,000 diapers and incontinence supplies to over 52 partner agencies of the Southern Arizona Diaper Bank. Because of support like this, parents will be able to put their children in daycare, giving them the time to return or get a job. Because of support like this, seniors will be able to live independent lifestyles with dignity.

The Ballroom Dance School is thanked by

Diane J. Brown

Interim Executive Director, Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona

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