Center Stage on Jean Tauber

Center Stage on Jean Tauber

Date added to ADN: Thu, February 21, 2013
Originally Published: Fri, February 01, 2013
by Tom Sanders

Granted! – She's Got A Heart of Gold
by Tom Sanders

Get prepared to be impressed and amazed by the power of the pen and the persistence of a lovely lady who makes other people's happiness her life's work. You may know her as Jean Tauber, but we recognize her here today in this article as the heartbeat of The Greater Daytona Chapter #6026 of USA Dance.

Why refer to her as the heartbeat? Let me fill you in on the details. Jean Tauber has used her intellect, brains and skills to secure funds to implement and sustain educational and community programs as well as taking an active role in educating our children. Now, she is using the same skills as the National Development Director of USA Dance Inc. Have you noticed or even taken part in anything new lately that has been sponsored or attended by the Greater Daytona Chapter? Well, if you have, here is a review; and, if you haven't, read on and be impressed.

Thanks to Jean's efforts appealing to the Volusia County Cultural Council Grant program over the past two years, she has secured a grant in the amount of $2883 to help our chapter. The Grant was a result of the written and oral presentation of our Chapter's outreach activities and plans for the future. To garner this kind of award, she not only dazzled them in print but demonstrated her sales ability by educating them on the history and benefits of ballroom dancing for young and old alike.

This grant supplements her efforts as an Outreach Coordinator for our Chapter. And quite a Coordinator she is. She has been instrumental in the Children's Dance Program at Westside Elementary School that is now expanding to include Campbell Middle School. She initiated the Macy's Shop for a Cause fund raiser and dance demonstration. She orchestrated the dance demonstrations at the Home Show. Through her influence, our Chapter provided support to the Junior League of Daytona Beach Sweetheart Ball, one of the area's largest and most prestigious fund-raisers. There is much more to come. Stay tuned! There are Festivals, Talent Nights and even support for the Dance Sport Champions who aspire to the next World Olympic Games.

I hope her efforts impressed you! They sure do me. This native Floridian knows no bounds as she is now the owner of her Cruise Planner business. She exudes the happiness of a dance enthusiast, enjoys traveling with her wonderful husband, Jim, and looks forward to continuing to learn and perfect their dancing. I'd like to conclude with a big thank you to our very own Jean Tauber and remind each of you that this strong heart of the Greater Daytona Chapter #6026 is a driving force who has made a significant difference in our Chapter. We appreciate you, Jean!

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