Smith Mountain Lake Newsletter

Smith Mountain Lake Newsletter

Date added to ADN: Sat, February 09, 2013
Originally Published: Sat, February 09, 2013
by Cindy Zerfoss, SML Chapter 6042 President

Presidents Message:

Greetings Dancers!!
We are hoping all the cold and snowy weather is behind us now and that we are back on track with our second Friday group lessons and social dances!


Our April, May and June group lessons will be swing and variations of swing! Come join us and learn a new step or two. And remember, dancing is an excellent way to burn off a few winter calories and have fun at the same time!


April is animal cruelty prevention awareness month. We ask our dancers to bring in a donation of dog/cat food that will be donated to the local humane society. Our goal for 2014 is to donate over 100 pounds of food. And to make the dance a but more festive, wear your faux furs and animal prints!

April: We donated about 70 pounds of cat/dog food to the local animal shelter along with a cash donation just under $100.

We will not have workshops for 2014. We will be bringing in a guest instructor over the summer so stay tuned for details.

We continue to work on the issues getting the closed videos to chapter members. But dancers can solve anything right? We will not be defeated by the electronic challenges before us!

We had a survey in the winter 2013 and we have continued good comments about our location at New London Ruritan and our regular professional instructor Jose Zuniga. If you haven't been to our dances, NLR floor is huge and wooden. There are a couple of uneven areas in the center but overall a very comfortable floor for dancing on. The facility is shared with many groups and the floor can be dusty. There are a few places near the edges where the wax has not worn off and the floor can be slick depending on your shoe surface. Therefore we routinely do not put fast traveling dances (V Waltz, Quickstep) into the program. When they are in the program, they will be towards the end of the dance when there are fewer dancers on the floor.

Come visit us! Our prices are $10 per person member, $12 per person nonmember, and $7 per student with ID.

We look forward to meeting you in 2014!

Our current officers are:

President-Cindy Zerfoss
Vice President- Venus Wilmer
Treasurer-Boak Brantley

Our Board of Directors:
Doris Fack, Bruce Paul, Betty Paul, Lorraine Beers

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USA Dance (Smith Mountain Lake) Chapter #6042
You do not have to know how to dance to attend our functions. Lessons begin with the basic steps and increase in complexity to challenge the more advanced dancers. You do not have to have a dance partner to attend the lesson or the dances.... More Info >>
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