Dance Pizazz is growing and looking for Experienced Teachers!

Date added to ADN: Fri, August 17, 2012
Originally Published: Fri, August 17, 2012
by Nikki Thompson- Owner Dance Pizazz

About the Company:

Dance Pizazz was founded in 2008 and has become one of the top ballroom dance studios in Missouri. Besides being the most elegant ballroom dance studio in St. Louis, Missouri, Dance Pizazz employs a novel and effective teaching method, boasts of lofty 10-foot ceilings and a custom-built cushioned and floating hardwood dance floor. Dance Pizazz balances high-quality instruction, with a fun and friendly atmosphere, resulting in a great student (and staff) experience.

Dance Pizazz's mission is to provide an environment where dreams come true. . .and anything is possible. Included in our mission is the belief that in our environment of FUN, ACCEPTANCE, FRIENDSHIP and CARE, everyone can achieve their dream, overcome any obstacle, and define their own success. We use the medium of ballroom, latin, swing and other social dance forms to provide a transformative "greenhouse" where the student (and the teacher as well) takes the reins of his or her own life, and with the care and inspiration of our professionals, writes their own future, using dancing as the medium. We embrace the ideals of fun, hope and success to grow, learn great dancing and make new friends.

Our Mission: Simply--For everyone here to have fun! Visit our website: for more information.

About the Position:

What are the qualifications to be the quintessential people person at Dance Pizazz? What is the ideal makeup of a ballroom or latin dance instructor? Part athlete? Having a creative predisposition? Part psychologist, counselor or life coach? Ultimately, those who either through sheer coincidence, dumb luck or an intentional decision enter the field of ballroom dance, find a job that takes a leading role in shaping their IDENTITY.

Dance instructors come from a myriad of backgrounds...but have one great thing in common: a love for having fun, helping others and enriching their communities...and of course great music and dancing! Common "predictors" of success in this booming and thriving industry can be observed from interaction on the video collections at Whether a candidate was a cheerleader, a break-dancer, or a football player in the past...or whether they are a mom, a dad, in college, retiring after a successful career, or even former military- Dance Pizazz has opportunities for a job or career that outshine any desk job out there.

For a company on the go and grow, Dance Pizazz ( is not finding the economy troubling, but instead finding the culture the largest challenge. Owners David and Nikki explain "Dance Instruction is an amazing lifestyle, full of unique benefits and opportunities most people only see on the TV or read about in the tabloids. But, with all reward, there is an element of risk ….of perseverance toward a worthy goal. Our biggest challenge is not in finding those who want to learn to dance (i.e. students), but in finding energetic and motivated individuals to train to be the next generation of wonderful dance instructors."

To understand what is typically needed in a successful candidate, it boils down the attitude before aptitude. Dance Pizazz teaches the dances that one sees on TV dance shows like Dancing With the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance. Trainees and interns find that soon they are dancing and teaching these too (see Careers at A candidate can use his or her acting, modeling, theatre, sales, or customer service experience for something meaningful. Most positions where trainees excel are FULL TIME positions and for many workers, represent a once in a lifetime opportunity. Because Dance Pizazz is growing, they are looking for energetic men and women to invest in. If an interested applicant has previous dance experience, Great (this a definite bonus)! If not, Dance Pizazz will provide the training. This position is in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

For dance instructors seeking relocation, we would be most comfortable with dancers with a working knowledge of the DVIDA bronze American Style Smooth and Rhythm Syllabi, as well as excellent people skills, trendy and professional presentation and deportment, as well as the highest level of integrity and ethics. Our goal is to find the "perfect" fit for our team's culture and candidates with a natural disposition/attitude that lends them to being naturally good at working with people and being fun and exciting! We are most interested in hiring for attitude, and training, if needed, for dance skill.

Compensation will vary based on qualifications, background and ability.

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Dance Pizazz is an elegant facility boasting 10-foot ceiling, a custom-built floating hardwood dance floor, and professional instructors who teach (any level of experience) ballroom, latin, swing, salsa and wedding dance!... More Info >>
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