Jive Defined

Jive Defined

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Jive is considered as one of the most popular ballroom dances in the world and referred to as the fifth official Latin ballroom dance. With its light and bouncing characteristic, it appears easy but in reality it's a dance that is highly challenging. But despite of this, it is a favorite dance form by social and professional dancers.

Jive is a dance that originated in African-American communities in the southeastern United States. Some alleged that the earliest form of jive was a Seminole was dance. It was said that the slaves witnessed and copied it. Others suggested that jive started in African social dances that were passed down from one generation to another. The name "jive" was derived from the West African word "jev" which means "to talk disparagingly". The popularity of jive in United States began in the 1930s. In the early 1940s, American soldiers who were stationed abroad introduced the dance to Europe. There it has gained an international following. Ever since, jive became popular in the Western world.

The basic steps of jive include a six beat pattern where the dancers step forward and backward, then do a shuffle step to the left and to the right. Quite similar to the east coast swing, jive is different in that the count starts with the rock step counted as "1,2". The two triple steps can be counted as "3 and 4" and "5 and 6". This dance incorporates a lot of flicks and kicks, spinning of the lady, and it doesn't travel around the dance floor. One of the most energetic dances, it involves bouncy movements, lifting and the knees and rocking of the hips.

Jive can be danced to various upbeat music like the Swing, Rock and Roll and also Boogie-woogie with a tempo of 200 beats per minute and in 4/4 time. In dancing the jive, it is important to take note of the drum because it gives the beat.

Fun, playful, full of energy and definitely easy to learn…jive is a dance we would like you to give a try. It may cause you to sweat and may consume your energy, but bringing joy definitely is no sweat! So if you want to stay in shape at the same time have fun, get jivin'!

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