Paso Doble Defined

Paso Doble Defined

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Paso Doble or "Two Step" in Spanish, a dance that features sharp footwork and beautiful body shapes. It is an emotive dance that is based on Spanish bull fight where the male represents the matador, and his partner as the red cape.

The Paso Doble was invented in Southern France and became in style among the upper classes of Paris in the 1930s. France got its inspiration from Spain, given its proximity. The steps were named in French, but the music and movements were copied from Spain. This dance is the only Latin dances that did not come from the black culture. After the Second World War, the Paso Doble became a competition dance. In the 1930s, the US started to take notice of the dance. However, it didn't catch the attention of the English-speaking countries because it's a dance you can't do without experience.

Performed mainly as a competition dance rather than a social dance, the Paso Doble is a pantomime of a bullfight. The matador dances around confronting his enemy (the bull) and emerges as the victor. The movements of the male dancer are quick showing strong defiance; the ladies movements on the other hand, are often graceful. Dancers of this dance take powerful steps forward using the heels, incorporating creative movements of the hands. The forward steps should appear strong and proud. The man should include strong stamping of the foot, mimicking the gesture of the matador's attempt to capture the attention of the bull. All the movements in this dance should be sharp and swift, the chest and head must be held high showing arrogance and dignity. There are also several dramatic poses synchronized with the highlights of the music.

The bold music of Paso Doble has a simple rhythm of "one-two-one-two" march. The tempo is a rapid 60 to 62 beats per minute. Its music is written in such a way to provoke excitement in bull-fighting, and is actually played for the grand entrance of the matador into the ring. The signature piece for Paso Doble is the Spanish Gypsy Dance that uses castanets and guitars as instruments.

If you want to learn a dance that is novel and unique, a dance that only a selected few are capable to dance, then this is your chance to shine. Paso Doble is a dance fit for seasoned dancers, and we believe you can be one of them. Learn the Paso Doble and bring out the competitive you.

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