Viennese Waltz Defined

Viennese Waltz Defined

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'Never have I moved so lightly. I was no longer a human being. To hold the most adorable creature in one's arms and fly around with her like the wind, so that everything around us fades away." These were the words of great writer named Goethe about dancing the elegant Viennese waltz. Danced faster than the slow waltz, Viennese waltz is considered as the oldest of the current ballroom dances and is often featured in old films.

Waltz started to develop in Central Europe in the early 1800s. It appeared on Vienna's operatic stages and its popularity increased. Austrian composers and musicians like Franz Lanner and Johann Strauss modified the tempo of waltz by increasing the number of measures per minute. This faster version of waltz was eventually known as the Viennese waltz. It was subject to criticism but despite of this, it continued to gain fame across America and Europe.

The thrilling Viennese waltz is described as a rotary dance. The dancers are constantly turning toward their right or toward their left. It consists of turns and change steps. It is distinguished by its sweeping turns where dancers gracefully around the floor and by its speed, which is two times faster than the waltz, making it challenging for some dancers. Dancers travel counterclockwise around the dance floor as they turn continuously left and right. It is danced at a pace of ¾ time and the rhythm is "1-2-3". Viennese waltz has 120 to 180 beats per minute as compared to the typical waltz, which has only 30 to 90 beats per minute.

The music of Viennese waltz is usually written in ¾ or 6/8 time and tempo of around 180 beats per minute. This type of waltz can be danced to music that is classical, country, vocal, Celtic, and instrumental. Some of the popular songs to dance Viennese waltz are the "The Blue Danube" and 'The Skater's Waltz".

Do you want to feel like you're in a glamorous ball in a European palace, gliding and dancing with your partner? By learning with us, it's possible. Viennese waltz is dance with simple yet elegant sweeping movements. Not only is it beautiful to watch, it definitely is wonderful to learn.

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