Nightclub 2-Step Defined

Nightclub 2-Step Defined

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Originally Published: Sun, January 01, 2012
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An alternative to 'slow dance', the Night Club Two-step is a romantic dance you can do in nightclubs as well as ballrooms, cruises and wedding receptions. It can be an alternative to 'slow dancing' where you simply put your hands on your partner's waist or neck and sway back and forth.

The 'Two Step' was created in 1965 by Buddy Schwimmer, a 15 year old from Whitaker, Illinois. He was performing a line dance called 'Surfer Stomp' based on two steps and a stomp, which worked well for fast music. The timing was altered and was transformed from a line dance to a partnership dance, and was called 'Two Step'. It was named as such because he used each foot twice in a row. Eventually, Schwimmer opened a dance studio in Costa Mesa, California and started teaching 'Nightclub Two Step'.

Smooth and gracious with knees bent and curving movements of the arms, this is the style of Nightclub Two Step. The basic step of this dance can be counted as "one and two- three and four." For one beat, the male dancer steps back on his left foot and his partner on the right. Then both partners change weight on the first beat of the second part. Then both partners dance this figure again but on opposite feet. Another pattern used in this dance is the 'side-cross-side' move. The male starts this move by side making a side step with his left foot and then crosses in front with the other foot. Then he follows it with a step to the side with the left foot and the rhythm that goes with it
is 'quick, quick, slow.' The lady does the same thing but begins the step with her right foot.

The 'Two Step' is designed to be accompanied by contemporary soft rock music. It is performed with popular songs, mostly ballads. 'Lady in Red', 'On the Wings of Love' and 'Love the World Away' are just some of the tunes that are perfectly danced with the 'Two Step'.

This simple yet romantic dance gives every dancer an opportunity to express without requiring a rigid technique. It is one of the most practical and versatile social dances ever created. So if you want to have fun at the same time just chill, then the 'Nightclub Two Step' is one dance worth taking.

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