E Komo Mai e Aloha

E Komo Mai e Aloha

Date added to ADN: Fri, September 25, 2009
Originally Published: Fri, September 25, 2009
by Geoffrey Fells (About the Author)

The Hawai‘i Star Ball is fast approaching. The weather is beautiful, the Trade Winds are cooling, the surf is up and the Aloha spirit is waiting for you!
The entry deadline is past and Heat Lists are now posted on our website. We still have a few Garden View rooms available at the Hilton Hawaiian Village at $243 per room per night (includes the 11.96% tax). Evening Banquet tickets with reserved seating are also still available. American Airlines and Continental are still offering discounted flights to Honolulu for Hawai‘i Star Ball attendees – check our website for their Promotion Codes.
“Mahalo No Kou Kako‘o A Me Ke Aloha”

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Hawai'i Star Ball
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