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Every month, AccessDance matches thousands of students looking for ballroom dance lessons with providers in their area using our dance lesson locator service - making it the premier service of its kind!

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Recent Requests & Activity
Any students who would like to earn Ballroom, latin, swing, quick s…
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Dance Requests
Access Dance helps thousands of people connect with teachers every month!
On Tuesday, Mike Requested
Dance Lessons in State College
Any students who would like to earn Ballroom, latin, swing, quick step or tango.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Viennese Waltz
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing
West Coast Swing
Lindy Hop
Nightclub 2-Step
Training & Continuation
All About Ballroom
Dance Advice
Where to Go Dancing
On Tuesday, Dennis Requested
Dance Lessons in San Luis Obispo
Looking to learn Ballroom dancing with my wife who is my partner.... neither of us have ever done anything like this before. Live in Paso Robles, CA but willing to travel to San Luis Obispo CA…
Dance Lesson Interests
Looking for a New Hobby
Enhancing Your Relationship
All About Ballroom
On Tuesday, Raquel Requested
Dance Lessons in Plainfield
Single classes…
Dance Lesson Interests
Country Western
Any Dancing
Looking for a New Hobby
On Tuesday, Crissy Requested
Dance Lessons in Odessa
We have a small group of couples looking to take a swing/country class. Having a hard time finding it in the area, nights or weekends…
Dance Lesson Interests
Country Western
Enhancing Your Relationship
On Tuesday, Scott Requested
Dance Lessons in Riverton
Looking for dance lessons for my wife and I?…
Dance Lesson Interests
Country Western
Any Dancing
Not Sure
On Tuesday, Marie Requested
Dance Lessons in Peabody
Looking for country western line dancing classes in the North Shore area…
Dance Lesson Interests
Country Western
Getting Fit & Healthy
Meeting New People
Where to Go Dancing
On Tuesday, Frank Requested
Dance Lessons in Tinley Park
I have zero experience with Polka Dancing. Would like to learn for an upcoming wedding. I am 28 years old.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Preparing for a Wedding
On Tuesday, oona Requested
Dance Lessons in Alpharetta
I would like 1 or 2 class in a week…
Dance Lesson Interests
West Coast Swing
Getting Fit & Healthy
On Tuesday, Deanna Requested
Dance Lessons in Thousand Oaks
We are having a corp. lunch and would like to entertain our guests with a lesson.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Country Western
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