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  • Summit, NJ

    Ballroom Dance of NJ

    214 Springfield Ave, Summit, NJ 07901

    BDNJ is committed to provide highest quality Ballroom Dance services that will combine Body, Mind and Music to promote the physical and spiritual health for people of all ages.

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I am 58. Afternoon or evening classes would be great. I have addi…
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On Monday, Mona Requested
Dance Lessons in Irvington
I am 58. Afternoon or evening classes would be great. I have additional female friends who would also like to take lessons. I did take some private lessons in 2010 & 2011 preparing for my daughter's wedding. I would like to attend one day a week. I would like to feel confident in my dancing so that it would be completely natural. I would also hope that my guy friend would join me at some point.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Country Western
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing
West Coast Swing
Nightclub 2-Step
Enhancing Your Relationship
Getting Fit & Healthy
Social Dance
Dance Lessons
Intro Class
Group Class
Private Lessons
Practice Dances
On Monday, Philomena Requested
Dance Lessons in Irvington, NJ (07111)
Single Female in my sixties with no previous dance experience. Would like to learn to dance to become strong and flexible…
Dance Lesson Interests
Not Sure
Looking for a New Hobby
Enhancing Your Relationship
Meet New People
Inspired by Pop Culture
On Tuesday, brittany Requested
Dance Lessons in Irvington, NJ (07111)
I am 23 years old and I am interested in private lessons for my mother and I. I would not mind if I have to be in a group but I would prefer private. I know nothing about salsa but I would like for this to change. I would like lessons once a week or twice but no more than that so it will not conflict with my school and work schedule. I would like to start lessons before June or July.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Not Sure
Getting Fit & Healthy
On Monday, francia Requested
Dance Lessons in Irvington, NJ
i am looking for classes as a single.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Any Dancing
Looking for a New Hobby
Meet New People
On Wednesday, teresa Requested
Dance Lessons in Irvington, NJ (07103)
I am looking for dance classes for a friend of mine. She likes dance such as urban, salsa, all the things i checked , the dancing they did in the movie dirty dancing etc all that you can find and tell me about in NJ. thank you…
Dance Lesson Interests
Any Dancing
Cha Cha
On Friday, ivan Requested
Dance Lessons in Irvington, NJ (07026)
salsa dancing basics…
Dance Lesson Interests
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