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Greensburg, Indiana

To learn line dancing and 2 step

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Dance Requests

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On Friday, Richele Requested
Dance Lessons in Greensburg

To learn line dancing and 2 step

Dance Lesson Interests: Swing , Beginner , Dance Lessons , Group Class , Workshop , CoupleAdult


On Friday, Eva Requested
Dance Lessons in Forest

Private dance lessons.

Dance Lesson Interests: Ballroom , Waltz , Tango , Foxtrot , Rumba , Bolero , Paso Doble , Merengue , Jive , East Coast Swing , West Coast Swing , Lindy Hop , Shag , Polka , Hustle , Peabody , Bachata , Career Development , Beginner , Dance Lessons , Private Lessons , IndividualAdult


On Thursday, JAN Requested
Dance Lessons in Buckhannon

i'm looking for beginning ballet/hiphop lessons for a 3 to 4 yr old little girl

Dance Lesson Interests: Other , Lessons for My Children , Beginner , Dance Lessons , IndividualPreK


On Thursday, Deborah Requested
Dance Lessons in Lincoln

None; 18; September 22nd, evenings, once every two weeks,

Dance Lesson Interests: Latin , Rumba , Bolero , Salsa , Samba , Bachata , Looking for a New Hobby , Beginner , Dance Lessons , Intro Class , Private Lessons , IndividualYoung Adult


On Thursday, Terry Requested
Dance Lessons in Owensville

Ballet lessons

Dance Lesson Interests: Not Sure , Lessons for My Children , Beginner , Dance Lessons , Intro Class , IndividualElementary


On Thursday, Ashli Requested
Dance Lessons in Cullman

I'm a 24 yo artist so I'm pretty stationary most of the time and developing carpel tunnel. I need a hobby that uses my hands less and everything else more. I'm also interested in improving my flexibility while I've still got it so ballet and acro look amazing to me. .....

Dance Lesson Interests: Not Sure , Looking for a New Hobby , Beginner , Dance Lessons , Intro Class , Group Class , Young AdultAdult


On Thursday, Felicia Requested
Dance Lessons in Spring Lake

Female looking for instruction in West Coast Swing, but I (age 70s) don't have a partner. I do fairly well with basic swing and other ballroom/social dance styles and am fond of Latin. I'm a good "follower". Flexible schedule for daytime .....

Dance Lesson Interests: Waltz , Tango , Argentine Tango , Paso Doble , Samba , East Coast Swing , West Coast Swing , Nightclub 2-Step , Bachata , Dance Lessons , Events , Private Lessons , Practice Dances , Parties , Individual , AdultSenior


On Thursday, Madison Requested
Dance Lessons in Tyler

country dance lessons for complete beginner couple

Dance Lesson Interests: Swing , Preparing for a Wedding , Beginner , Dance Lessons , Intro Class , Private Lessons , CoupleYoung Adult


On Thursday, Lynn Requested
Dance Lessons in Pearland

Teen Country Western Dance lessons/no particular dates or reason

Dance Lesson Interests: Beginner , Dance Lessons , Intro Class , Group Class , Open Group , Closed GroupHigh School


On Thursday, Stacey Requested
Dance Lessons in Traverse City

Hello! Looking for intermediate salsa classes...or maybe even an amateur performance dance team to join. Just moved here from the Denver area and am starving for some latin culture here! :)

Dance Lesson Interests: Latin , Training & Continuation , IntermediateAdult