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Wednesday, Aug 04 2021

Florida State DanceSport Championships

Florida State DanceSport Championship 2021

@1111 Ritz-Carlton

Sarasota, Florida

Terry Cavanaugh, Amy Suber & Ron Morton Dance of ART inc.

Thursday, Oct 07 2021


Chicago Harvest Moon Ball Championship 2021

06:00 pm - 04:00 pm @Chicago Marriott Oak Brook

Oak Brook, Illinois

Peter Minkov & Yulia Kornilova

Wednesday, Oct 27 2021

Hollywood DanceSport Championships

Hollywood DanceSport Championship 2021

@555 Universal Hollywood Dr

Universal City, California

Tuesday, Nov 16 2021

Ohio Star Ball Dance Championships

Ohio Star Ball Dance Championship 2021

@350 North High Street

Columbus, Ohio

Sam Sodano

Friday, Nov 26 2021

California Star Ball DanceSport Championships

California Star Ball DanceSport Championship 2021

@6225 West Century Blvd.

Los Angeles, California

Gitte Svendsen

Friday, Apr 01 2022

San Francisco Open Dancesport Championships

San Francisco Open Dancesport Championship 2022

07:00 pm - 11:00 pm @1800 Old Bayshore Highway

Burlingame, California

Tuesday, Apr 12 2022

New Orleans Open Dancesport Championships

New Orleans Open Dancesport Championships 2022

@921 Canal Stree

New Orleans, Louisiana

Michael Chapman & Shirley Ballas

Thursday, May 19 2022

Crown Jewel of DanceSport

Crown Jewel of DanceSport 2022

@2600 Tiburon Dr

Naples, Florida

Gherman Mustuc & Iveta Lucosiute

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Slidell, Louisiana

Dance lesson with my boyfriend beginners we are 53 and 49 yes old

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Country Western Dance Requests

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On Thursday, Shelley Requested
Dance Lessons in Slidell

Dance lesson with my boyfriend beginners we are 53 and 49 yes old

Dance Lesson Interests: Swing, Country Western, Beginner, Dance Lessons, Group Class, Private Lessons, Couple, Adult


On Wednesday, Germaine Requested
Dance Lessons in Surprise

Line dance lessons to meet people in the community. I'm new to the area.

Dance Lesson Interests: Country Western, Looking for a New Hobby, Social Dance, Beginner, Events, Group Class, Open Group, Adult


On Wednesday, Josh Requested
Dance Lessons in Creston

I have 0 dance experience and a 26 year old Male. I want to learn how to do basic 2 step and swing dance while meeting new people or groups. Preferably on the weekends.

Dance Lesson Interests: Country Western, Looking for a New Hobby, Meet New People, Beginner, Young Adult


On Wednesday, Connie Requested
Dance Lessons in Victor

Would love to join a dance group for a hobby. I love belly dancing, country dancing, swing, I am 54 and in great shape just would like to add some adventure to my life.

Dance Lesson Interests: Ballroom, Latin, Club, Country Western, Looking for a New Hobby, Meet New People, Intermediate, Group Class, Open Group, Adult


On Monday, Don Requested
Dance Lessons in Monterey

I would like a fun country western line-dance instructor to join us at a private party with 7 couples in a private Pebble Beach Home on Saturday July 10th.

Dance Lesson Interests: Country Western, Preparing for an event, Beginner, Events, Parties, Young Adult, Adult


On Sunday, Michael Requested
Dance Lessons in Turlock

Country dancing

Dance Lesson Interests: Country Western


On Thursday, Duane Requested
Dance Lessons in Midland

Need a Country Western dancer instructor for lessons for a non dancer. Some experience a couple of decades ago. No recent dance experience. 60ish, want to dance well with my younger partners who are very experienced and capable. Frequency depends on my work and your time. .....

Dance Lesson Interests: Club, Country Western


On Sunday, James Requested
Dance Lessons in San Bernardino

74 years of age. Was an every night participant in the country dance environment in the 90's. Haven't been dancing for 25 years now. I am a widower now and living a lonely life. Need a social life and activities to stay in shape. Retired now so available 7 days .....

Dance Lesson Interests: Latin, Country Western, East Coast Swing, Looking for a New Hobby, Meet New People, Beginner, Individual, Open Group, Adult, Senior


On Saturday, Chris Requested
Dance Lessons in Lafayette

My fiance and I are looking for an instructor to help us get ready for our wedding. We live in Lafayette and are primarily interested in country western and social dancing.

Dance Lesson Interests: Country Western, Couple


On Sunday, Kelly Requested
Dance Lessons in Holden

Social dancing with my age group. For exercise, to meet new people, and a new hobby.

Dance Lesson Interests: Country Western, Looking for a New Hobby, Intermediate, Intro Class, Group Class, Adult, Senior