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I love to dance and grew up dancing for recreation. I was in a swi…
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On Thursday, Brittany Requested
Dance Lessons in Buffalo, WY (82834)
I love to dance and grew up dancing for recreation. I was in a swing dance troop from 12-14 and countinued to swing damce for fun whenever i got a chance. Problem is you have to have a partner to swung dance who knows how. So I haven't had an oppurtunity to do so at all in the last 5 years or so. I have been married 3 years and my husband really wants to learn how to dance with me because he knows I miss it so much. I myself could use some brushing up. If there is no swing classes available, I would be interested to know what is. Updated: Yeah I would like to know where the nearest options are, regardless of distance.…
Dance Lesson Interests
West Coast Swing
Looking for a New Hobby
Enhancing Your Relationship
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Intro Class
Group Class
Private Lessons
Practice Dances
On Saturday, zor Requested
Dance Lessons in Buffalo, WY (82834)
? Not sure?…
Dance Lesson Interests
Argentine Tango
Cha Cha
Looking for a New Hobby
Getting Fit & Healthy
Social Dance
On Wednesday, Tracy Requested
Dance Lessons in Big Piney, WY (83113)
We have just started a recreation department in our area and would be interested in having some dance classes offered. Would anyone be interested in travelling here once a month or so? Do you know of anyone closer or willing to do this?…
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