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Dance Lessons in Eagle Point, Oregon

The Eagle Point, Oregon community of dance is a beautiful thing. With so many different personalities and backgrounds, the people who love dance find meaning in another's arms as they rhythmically move across the dance floor of life.

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On Saturday, Rich Requested
Dance Lessons in Eagle Point, OR (97524)
Two step dance lessons…
Dance Lesson Interests
Country Western
Enhancing Your Relationship
Dance Lessons
Intro Class
Group Class
On Friday, sabrina Requested
Dance Lessons in Eagle Point, OR (97524)
I am 52 years young,and have no experience in dance but I used to dance at clubs with friends and really loved it. My husband and I used to dance all the time up until we had kids 12 years ago. The reason for my being interested in dance is to reconnect with my husband and have some fun with him again. It has been soooooo long.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Country Western
Getting Fit & Healthy
Dance Lessons
Intro Class
Group Class
On Saturday, Leeanne Requested
Dance Lessons in Eagle Point, OR (97541)
I quickly and easily learned and fell in love with East Coast Lindy Hop Swing Dance 15 years ago, and after a few weeks of attending a club in San Francisco I was soon giving pointers and private lessons (free) to other club attendees. I would like to learn to teach others this dance. I would like to be able to practice once or twice a week depending on my work schedule.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Lindy Hop
Dance Lessons
Group Class
Private Lessons
Practice Dances
On Friday, Tanna Requested
Dance Lessons in Eagle Point, OR (97524)
What type of swing will be taught / danced at the upcoming May 15th Festival?…
Dance Lesson Interests
Looking for a New Hobby
Getting Fit & Healthy
Social Dance
On Thursday, Amanda Requested
Dance Lessons in Eagle Point, OR (97524)
50"s Sock-Hop For a Assisted Living Community in Eagle Point OR.... We would like dancers to scheadule a time to come out for our residents and put on a dance show that is thyemd as a sock-hop... for some time in March Please call AsaP…
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