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Nightclub 2-Step Dance Lessons in Manchester, New Hampshire

An alternative to "slow dance," the Night Club Two-step is a romantic dance you can do in nightclubs as well as ballrooms, cruises and wedding receptions. It can be an alternative to 'slow dancing' where you simply put your hands on your partner's waist or neck and sway back and forth.…read more about Nightclub 2-Step.

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Looking for Places to Dance

It's Friday night. The trendsetters are dressed to the nines with looks that kill. The town is lit with anticipation. Where will you be? See and be seen at local hot spots. Burn up the dance floor with your hot moves and sultry looks!

Places to Dance in Manchester

Ballroom for Kids

Looking for activities for your kids that have lifetime benefits? Teach them how to dance and interact with others and give your child one of the best life skills they will ever have!

Ballroom for kids in Manchester

Wedding & Commitment

Make your first dance memorable. Awe your guests with a beautifully choreographed Waltz. Wedding dance lessons for you, your fiancÚ, and your wedding party is the perfect way to prepare for the big day!

Getting married in Manchester

Meeting New People

Get out and be part of the fun. Meet new people through the universal language of dance. Dance lessons will get you out on the dance floor with your friends or maybe you'll catch the eye of that special someone.

Meet people and socialize in Manchester

Health & Exercise

Be fit. Change your body, change your outlook, and change your life. Dance your way to a healthy body and happier lifestyle. Dancing is the answer to your sedentary days at the office. Make the change and be happy.

Exercise & Fitness in Manchester

Looking for a New Hobby

Discover your hidden talent. Dance is a wonderful hobby that is both enjoyable and challenging at the same time. It's a universal skill that can be learned at any age and at any fitness level. We're all dancers at heart!

Look for a New Hobby in Manchester

Enhancing Your Relationship

Fall in love again. Rekindle your love through the intimacy of dance. Feel the thrill of rediscovering your feelings in the arms of each other. Mesmerizing, romantic, and exciting - dance is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Enhance Your Relationship in Manchester

Preparing for an Event

Prepare yourself to be the life of the party. Dance till dawn on your cruise. Dance lessons will give you the basics to get you dancing quickly and confidently for your upcoming event and keep you dancing for years to come.

Prepare for an Event in Manchester

Inspired by Pop Culture

So, you think you can dance? Well, get Dancing because you're the Star. Don't be the one who lives your life in fear and half lived. Get inspired and dance with the rest of us. It's time to get out of your corner, Baby, Shall We Dance?

Pop Culture dance in Manchester

Give a Gift Certificate

Surprise! Show them that you care with the gift of dance! Holiday gift? Dance. Anniversary gift? Dance. Valentine's gift? Dance. Birthday gift? Dance. Wedding gift? Dance. It's perfect for every occasion!

Give a gift certificate in Manchester

All About Ballroom

Salsa is ever evolving and open to improvisation. The now stately Waltz was considered scandalous. Influenced by people, culture, and time, dance is ever-changing. Be in the know and learn all about Ballroom.

All About Ballroom in Manchester

My Dance Story

Dancing has transformed the lives of people and those around them. Discover how some met the love of their lives, began competing, or wrote a book about dance. Read the stories of people who live, work, and play Ballroom.

Inspiring Dance Stories in Manchester

Dance Advice

Costume malfunctions, make-up mistakes, or breaking etiquette at a dance party are all worries we might have. Get the answers. Our AccessDance Members have years of experience navigating the dance floor of life.

Dance Tips & Tricks in Manchester

Training & Continuation

Do you need to dust off your dancing shoes or mend the soles? Either way, you need more Dance in your life. Restarting, relocating, training, and technical development are great excuses to dance more. So go! Go on and Dance!

Continue your dance training in Manchester

Competition DanceSport

Bring it on! And strut your stuff! Bring your dancing to the next level. Join the glitz and glamour of competitive Dancesport. Showcase your skills and WOW the crowd. Sizzling or sophisticated - If you got it, flaunt it.

Competition DanceSport in Manchester

Career Development

Bring joy, passion and confidence into the lives of others! Consider training to become a dance educator and change lives for the better.

Career Development in Manchester

Alternate Resources

  • Sally Zyla Dance Studio (is this you?)
    162 Manchester St
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Royal Palace Dance Studio (is this you?)
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Reynolds Dance & Fine Art Ctr (is this you?)
    250 Commercial St
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Queen City Ballroom Dance Studio (is this you?)
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Pat Morse School Of Dance (is this you?)
    1069 Hayward St
    Manchester, NH 03103
  • N-Step Dance Ctr (is this you?)
    2626 Brown Ave
    Manchester, NH 03103
  • N H School Of Scottish Arts (is this you?)
    922 Elm St
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Mr. Jonathan's (is this you?)
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Little Frogs & Polliwogs (is this you?)
    3011 Brown Ave
    Manchester, NH 03103
  • ITangoNH (is this you?)
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Dimensions In Dance (is this you?)
    575 S Willow St
    Manchester, NH 03103
  • Danceworks Unlimited Inc (is this you?)
    87 Elm St
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Dance Visions Network (is this you?)
    679 Mast Rd # 2DFL
    Manchester, NH 03102
  • Dance Studio Of Manchester (is this you?)
    300 Bedford St
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Dance International Studio (is this you?)
    83 Hanover st.
    Manchester, NH 03103
  • Cheer Gym (is this you?)
    250 Commercial St # 31
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Beverly Baroody School-Dance (is this you?)
    851 Mammoth Rd Apt 1S
    Manchester, NH 03104
  • Beverly Baroody School Of Dnc (is this you?)
    21 Dow St
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Attitudes School Of Arts (is this you?)
    18 S Commercial St
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Arthur Murray Dance Studio (Manchester) (is this you?)
    Manchester, NH 03101
  • Art In Motion School of Dance (is this you?)
    679 Mast Road
    Manchester, NH 03102
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Nightclub 2-Step Dance Requests
Access Dance helps thousands of people connect with teachers every month!
On Wednesday, Tyra Requested
Dance Lessons in Manchester
Dance Lesson Interests
Country Western
Nightclub 2-Step
Looking for a New Hobby
On Wednesday, Carol Requested
Dance Lessons in Manchester
Not much experience but open to learn…
Dance Lesson Interests
Viennese Waltz
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing
Nightclub 2-Step
Looking for a New Hobby
Enhancing Your Relationship
Getting Fit & Healthy
Meeting New People
On Monday, Rochelle Requested
Dance Lessons in Manchester, NH (03102)
I'm looking to make date night more fun and thought dance lessons would be a fun twist for us. We both would like to learn how to dance and doing it together seems like the right way to do it... Now we just need to find the right place and person to help us toward our goal. we are 28 and 35. We have Monday, Thursday and some Friday nights free so those nights would work best for us and I was thinking once a month or maybe even twice. We'll have to see.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Not Sure
Nightclub 2-Step
On Monday, John Requested
Dance Lessons in Manchester, NH (03077)
My wife and I have had no formal instruction, however, we have a keen interest in becoming better dancers at social functions. Lessons at least once a week would be preferable.…
Dance Lesson Interests
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing
Nightclub 2-Step
On Tuesday, Kayla Requested
Dance Lessons in Manchester
Couple learning to dance together…
Dance Lesson Interests
Not Sure
Nightclub 2-Step
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